Article I
Mission Statement

            The mission of this organization is to educate our members and the general public about cloth, mixed media dolls and doll making and to celebrate the doll as art.
Article II

The goals of this organization are to:
            (Section1.)  Encourage and educate members and the general public about doll making as an art form.
            (Section 2.)  Sponsor workshops by local and nationally known doll makers            
            (Section 3.)  Organize special exhibits and doll challenges 
            (Section 4.)  Sponsor an annual charitable project

Article III

            Section 1.  Membership is open to any individual having an interest in learning about and creating cloth dolls.
            Section 2.  Members will pay annual dues.
            Section 3.  A guest may attend two meetings without becoming a member.  After two meetings, the individual must become a member and pay dues to continue attending meetings and participating in club activities.

Article IV

            Section 1.  The amount of the dues will be recommended by the Executive Committee and voted approval by the general membership.
            Section 2.  Annual dues will be collected at the January and February meetings.  New member's dues will be prorated quarterly.
            Section 3.  Only members whose dues are paid shall be entitled to vote.

Article V
Nomination and Elections

            Section 1.  The membership will nominate officers in September.  Consent from each member nominated must be received.  A list of the nominations must be published in the newsletter sent prior to the November business meeting.
            Section 2.  Elections will be held at the December meeting.  Additional nominations from the floor may be made providing consent to serve has been obtained from the nominee prior to the meeting.  If more than one candidate is nominated for an office, the vote will be taken by ballot.
            Section 3.   Any member not attending the December meeting may mail or e-mail their ballot to the President or Vice President.
            Section 4.  Term of office is from January meeting until the December meeting of the same year.
            Section 5.  Executive Committee meetings consisting of current officers may be held as often as determined necessary by the officers.   

Article VI
Officers' Duties

            Section 1.  The members of the Executive Committee shall be:  President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary/Newsletter, Webmaster, Publicity Officer and Past President the prior year.  The Executive Committee will schedule the programs for the upcoming year. 
            Section 2.  The President will plan, attend and execute all Executive Committee and business meetings.  At his/her discretion, and after consultation with the Executive Committee, the President will act on minor matters whenever they cannot be taken up at a regular business meeting.  The President will serve as Executive Committee adviser for the year following his/her service as President.  The President will reserve meeting space for the next year's activities.
            Section 3.  The Vice President will conduct business meetings in the absence of and at the direction of the President.  If the office of the President becomes vacant, the Vice President will perform such duties as assigned by the President.  The Vice President will research, propose and make all necessary arrangements for the annual visiting doll artists.
            Section 4.  The Treasurer will keep an account of all money received and make all payments and disbursements.  A monthly statement of accounts will be presented to the membership.  The Treasurer will prepare the annual budget. The Treasurer will oversee the membership records and roster.
            Section 5.  The Secretary/Newsletter will take notes of Executive Committee and business meetings, prepare a monthly newsletter and keep historical copies of all media relating to the club's activities.  The Secretary will conduct all correspondence; keep all records and reports and e-mail the newsletter prior to each business meeting.

            Section 6. The Webmaster will maintain the club blog monthly and add photos of show and tell and special events. The blog will link to member's sites, promote club events, and house information useful to all club members. The Webmaster will forward or reply to questions sent to the club through the group's email account.

            Section 7.  Publicity Officer—Publicity Officer will explore and propose venues and activities that will promote the art of doll making and the Indy Cloth DollMakers Club,  propose and obtain advertising materials (printed and/or electronic)  for any public exhibits and/or sales sponsored by the club.   All publicity expense receipts will be submitted to Treasurer for reimbursement.
            Section 8.  The term of office for elected members will be one year.  If a vacancy occurs in the Executive Committee, the Executive Committee will fill the vacancy for the remainder of the unexpired term of office.  All Executive Committee members are encouraged to attend all Executive Committee meetings.  Any member of the Executive Committee can be removed from office by majority vote from the club membership.

Article VII
Committees and their Duties

            Section 1.  Annual Show & Sale Committee – This committee will be responsible for setting the date arrange for location, signage, publicity, set-up and take down of the annual show and sale in the fall of each year.
            Section 2.  Charity Projects Chairman - explore venues for charity projects and communicates what club members can do to contribute.
            Section 3.  The Executive Committee may appoint committees as needed from time to time.

Article VIII

            Section 1.  There will be a minimum of 10 monthly meetings each year.
            Section 2.  Meetings will be held monthly.
            Section 3.  30% of the membership will be considered a quorum for a business meeting.

Article IX
Classes and Demonstrations by Club Members

            Section 1.  If a club member gives a demonstration or mini-class during a 2 hour club meeting, the member may request a kit fee from members attending mini-class or workshop. 

Article X

            Section 1.  Scholarships are available to current members only.
            Section 2.  Written or e-mail application to be made to the President no less than 90 days prior to the workshop.
            Section 3.  Application(s) will be reviewed and decided upon on by Executive Committee.  This process may be done by meeting, telephone, or e-mail.
            Section 4.  Applicants are to receive notification no less than 60 days prior to the workshop.
            Section 5.  All applicants/recipients are to be kept private within the Executive Committee unless applicant/recipient grants permission to be made public.
            Section 6.  Recipient may receive one scholarship within a 3 year period.

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