Saturday, November 30, 2013

2013 Show and Sale - a success!

This was our show -- maybe not quite as many new dolls as we would like, but we'll keep working at it, and encourage our new members to share their work with us next year.  Our Goddess workshop dolls certainly made a grand impression, and were the first things our visitors saw as they entered the auditorium.
Here's the room right before we opened to the public:
And here is it just a few minutes later.  We were most gratified by the number of people who came to see us!
It's always wonderful to see someone truly entranced by our dolls.
We also love the chance to display and describe our work to our friends.
Let's get a good look at our goddesses, made in our workshop with Barbara this summer.
And a closeup of the tiny ones in the center, depicting the Greek legend of the Fates.
Now we can take a virtual tour by walking around the display tables.
Here's a collection of various dolls made by club members over the last few years.
Katie's elegant creation in her velvet, beaded finery debuted at AFICC this year.
Next, a few original progressive dolls, as well as some by our favorite designers.
Check back soon for the rest of the show...