Monday, February 21, 2011

February's meeting

We had a good club meeting on Saturday, although we missed everyone who was traveling or sick that day!  We had TONS of good information to share, with discussions about:
  • our March workshop with Annie Hesse (we're getting very excited!),
  • a club display of dolls at AFIC in April (everybody should send one doll),
  • our May luncheon with the River City doll club (don't forget your Zodiac-themed challenge doll).
And all of that was before we even got to show-and-tell.  Katie showed off her new needle-sculpting DVD from Gloria WinerWe all agreed that the features were amazing, but the dimension of the eyes was most impressive.

Leslie also shared some 'doll-by-the-yard' panels that Anne R. bought for her.  I don't know exactly where Anne found them, but they are also available from different suppliers online.  Just do a search for 'malinda dalton doll panel'.  You can dress her with other panels that have pretty Civil War-style dresses.

But wait!  There's more!  We also had a mini-workshop presented by Katie, who shared Cyndi Mahlstadt's method of making wire hands.  This one was made by Ann Chulk, who got very nice proportions on hers on the first try.  The first picture shows the palm side, and the bottom picture shows the back of the hand.

Check back in a week or two -- the next post will have pin dolls!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

More of January's show and tell

Just a quick post here to finish up the show-and-tell from January's meeting.  First is Katie, with a 'play' swatch of woven fabric strips, which was then stitched and embellished.  She was thinking ahead to our 2011 Challenge, which will feature a large-scale fabric print, and finding ways to break up a large print for use in a smaller doll-sized scale.
Katie's experiment
Next is another project from Denise.  And yes, that is two finished objects, but she doesn't make the long trek into town every month, so she has to prove that she's busy even when we don't see her!  In theory, this sculpted head is ready to be painted, but it is so awesome 'as is' that it will probably stay this way, at least for a while.
Denise's sculpted head from a Susie McMahon class
Finally, we have not a finished project but a birthday haul!  Bonnie made her first trip back to doll club after a serious illness (just to get the presents?), and we were all so happy to see her walking around again that we brought the good stuff from our stashes at home to share with her.

Bonnie's birthday presents
That's all for January.  Everybody sew like mad so we can have another lovely round of show and tell!