Friday, April 10, 2015

April Newsletter

Upcoming Meetings

April 18, 2015
Tips on Steampunk - Sue

May 16, 2015
Joint Meeting with River City

June 20, 2015
Eyelash Tutorial - Erin

Member Birthdays

 Happy Birthday and wishes for beautiful spring days to Katie, Ann R., and Sandy!

March Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Erin, Julie G, Andrea, Sara, Mary, Katie, Ann, Jude, Nita, Virginia, Sue, Janet, Vicki, Julie W, Sandy, and Maggie

We welcomed Sara, our newest member, to our fun group!  Hope she liked us as much as we liked her.

Show and Tell

Janet made an adorable little detective named Steampunk Sadie.  She is based on one of the first police women in Indianapolis.  She also made a bunch of cute tablet wristlets to sell.

Nita made Jewelberry, an angel made from a Patti Culea pattern and fabric Jude gave her for Christmas.  She is perfect! 

Sue is almost finished with the bar for the AFICC display, so the floozies will have a place to order.  It looks great.

Katie has been preparing for AFICC in a little different manner than the rest of us.  She has finished a sewing tote, a tool tote and an iron tote!  They are all made from pretty sewing related fabrics.  She will be the envy of everyone at the next retreat.  She has also been working on felted fabric for her art to wear designs.

Mary is on a crochet scavenger hunt.  Each week she is making a secret block, and we're excited to see how it turns out!  

Our newest member Sara brought the Wicked Queen from Snow White.  She took a class with Arlee Berryhill and made an amazing candlestick doll.

Business Meeting 

Erin is stepping down as Secretary in 2016.  She has some big career changes coming up in her life, and is hoping to save some time for actual doll making.  If anyone is interested in writing our newsletter, speak up.  We are flexible on the format, and Erin is also willing to teach you how to use the blog or other newsletter format.

If you haven't already, please pay Jude for our $25 yearly dues.  Make checks payable to Doll Creators.

Andrea reported that 20 people have signed up for the Traveller workshop with Angela Jarecki.  That's great, but also a problem because the limit is 15 students... There will be a waiting list in case anyone backs out.

Our joint meeting with the River City doll club is on May 16th at Clifty Falls.  Lunch will be a buffet and will cost $16.  We will not have a regular business meeting that day, but will meet in the library parking lot around 9 am to carpool.

The sewing retreat/ doll show in Danville, IL has been moved to July 24th- 26th.  You do not have to attend the retreat to visit the doll show on the 25th or enter a doll in the challenge.  The challenge doll must be made from the Australian fabric line and purchased from Threads of Time.  There will be a People's Choice Award.

Mary won the nametag drawing, congrats!

After the business meeting, we worked our little behinds off making charity dolls.  At the end of the day, we had completed 32 dolls and still have more that people took home to finish.  Erin will be taking them to the Children's Bureau after the June meeting, so you have time to finish more on your own.  Thanks everyone for a fun day!

Next Meeting

Please read our new bylaws, the rules of our club.  We will be voting to adopt them at the April meeting.  Thanks to Leslie and Jude for their hard work on them.

AFICC is April 23, the weekend after our next meeting.  Please bring your Bar Scene doll for the group display to the April meeting if you cannot attend AFICC.  Sue and Virgina are wrangling those wild dolls for us.  

There will also be a display at AFICC of dolls from previous years' classes.  If you have a completed doll from an AFICC workshop that you would like to display, bring it to the April meeting to hitch a ride with Julie or Andrea.  Each doll must have a nametag, as well as a note that one of our members has permission to take the doll home.  Security is tight in the display room.

We will be hosting an Artist Trading Card "make and take" table at AFICC.  Julie is bringing stamped face fabrics, but is asking that we each contribute 10 business card size (2 1/2" x 3 1/2") pieces of fabric cut with pinking shears.  Please bring these to the April meeting along with any little buttons, embroidery floss, thread, embellishments, charms, yarns you would like to donate to the table, also embroidery needles, colored pencils, and/or embroidery floss you would like to donate.  Every little bit helps.

Sue will be giving a presentation on Steampunk, no supplies are needed.

Upcoming Challenges

2015 AFICC Club display - A Bar Scene - Create a character (about 14-16 inches tall) that you might meet in a bar or nightclub.  You may create just the doll, or include a setting like a corner booth or a bit of dance floor.  We'll display them together at AFICC in Columbus, OH in April.

2015 Paint Chip Challenge- Choose a paint chip with coordinating colors and make a doll that includes those colors. This will be due at our next joint meeting with River City in May of 2015. If you haven’t received a chip, you can get one from Andrea or find one you like at your hardware store.

2015 Australian Fabric Challenge- Choose a fabric from Threads of Time’s Australian collection to use in a doll. Doll is due in Danville, IL in July of 2015. There will be a People’s Choice award.

Leather and Lace- Due at the October meeting, make a cloth doll that includes the materials leather and lace in some way.  No restrictions on size or theme.

April Checklist

  • Nametag
  • Dues
  • Read the bylaws (available here)
  • Bar Room doll for our AFICC display
  • Any finished dolls from previous AFICC classes with label
  • Pre-cut ATC sized pieces of fabric as well as thread, embellishments, needles, etc.