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August 2021 Newsletter

 August 2021 Newsletter

Button Doll Challenge

 Upcoming Meetings 

August 21, 2021- Elena - How to make a doll sit and soft sculpture doll's face
September 18, 2021- Virginia - Paper doll shoes
October 16, 2021- swap meet
November 20, 2021- Show and Sale
December 18, 2021-Christmas Party with Black and White gift exchange

We are planning on meeting in person at the Irvington Library for the rest of the year unless the Covid situation would change.

Member Birthdays
Birthday wishes for August go to Andrea and Elena.  Have a Dolly Wonderful birthday you two!!

Show and Tell
Kathryn is one of our multi-talented artists and showed a Block of the Month wall hanging she had made and some wonderful zipper bags.
Kathryn's Wall Hanging

Kathryn's zipper bags

Elena made an original design  button doll for the challenge with a button eye and button shoulder attachment.
Elena's "Button Girl"

Ann C.  made "Miss Dahlia" button doll from a pattern by Cindee Moyer with beautiful bead and button embroidery.
Ann C.'s "Miss Dahlia"

Julie W. made "Sheila Shopper"  from a pattern by Amy Bradley.
Julie W.'s "Sheila Shopper"

Maggie made "Buttons Galore", a heavyweight with all those buttons!
Maggie's "Buttons Galore"

Jude shared her work in progress button doll from a pattern by Jill Maas which was a free "Covid Pattern"
Jude's work in progress

Joan, another multi-talented artist, made some cartonnage boxes which she had given away but brought pictures to show what she had made.
Joan's Cartonnage boxes

Andrea also shared her button doll work in progress with gorgeous pink hair!
Andrea's work in progress

Virginia shared several dolls she had made over the last few months, including her button challenge doll.  Her button doll was the "Wise Woman" pattern which she found on website. She put a lot of interesting detail to this doll.  Other dolls were one made from a Barbara Schoenoff pattern, "Milly Boysenberry" from a Kathryn Walmsley pattern, a pretty ballerina doll that was a birthday gift from Australia, and "Danielle", a coffee stained fabric doll.
Virginia's Wise Woman Button Doll

Virginia's Barbara Schoenoff doll

Virginia's "Milly Boysenberry"

Virginia's birthday gift

Virginia;s coffee stain doll

Sue has also been a busy gal the last few months.  Not only did she make her challenge doll "Buttons" (who can stand all by herself!), but also "Sybil with her baby" made from doeskin from a pattern by Jennifer Carson ,  a male doll inspired by her son complete with beard and tattoo on his chest, and her Kathryn Walmsley Triplet Doll.
Sue's "Buttons"

Sue's Sybil and baby

Sue's bearded and tattooed male

Sue's "Parsley" Triplet doll

Barbara, another one of our extremely talented designers, created "Pearl Buttons", a mermaid with 700 buttons hand sewn on the doll.  Your creations never cease to amaze us, Barbara!  She is exquisite!
Barbara's "Pearl Buttons"

Martha has been busy not only with making a button doll but also quilts that are Indiana State Fair entries this year!  Her button doll was made from a "Tilda" pattern. She said she had some difficulty making the clothes fit her doll, but she came out great!  Very nice, Martha!
Martha's button "Tilda" doll

All of the Button Doll Challenge dolls were unique and wonderfully made.  They will be displayed on a table at our November Show and Sale for attendees to vote on their favorite. 

Button Doll Challenge entries

Meeting Minutes
Happily the following people met in person for our July meeting:  Maggie, Elena, Ann C., Leslie, Julie W., Kathryn, Julie G., Ron, Jude, Andrea, Virginia, Sue, Barbara, Colleen, Martha, and Joan.  Three states were represented by our members.  Not only Indiana, but also Illinois and Ohio members traveled many miles to join us.  We are so pleased they came all that way!
Holly Sieck, a former member had donated a collection of her dolls to our club.  Members were delighted to take their picks from her wonderful collection.  Thank you Holly for your generosity!
Sue had been in contact with Christine Shively about doing a spring class for us and will work on dates perhaps for March or April 2022.
We will not be collecting dues for 2021, but will resume collection in January 2022.
The November Show and Sale was discussed and Maggie will be taking names for people who plan to have a table.  We will have a table for the Poe challenge, one for Button doll Challenge, and tables for all other dolls made recently which show attendees will be able to vote for their favorite.
We discussed our annual Christmas Party and decided on a gift exchange of something hand made that is doll related in  the colors of black and white. 
Rules for scholarships to doll workshops have been in the by-laws, but it was voted they be moved to standing rules.

Next Meeting
Our next meeting  will be Saturday, August 21,  at 10:00 a.m. IN PERSON at the Irvington Library, 5625 East Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46219.

Upcoming Challenges and Events
August 19-22- Niada 2021 Virtual Conference
November - Edgar Allen Poe Challenge Doll
November 20, 2021 - 19th Annual Doll Show and Holiday Art Fair
December 18, 2021 - Christmas Party and Gift Exchange

August Meeting Checklist
  •   Nametag
  •   Show and Tell
  •   A Christine Shively doll or pattern you might have