Thursday, September 15, 2022

September Newsletter


Upcoming Meetings

September 17, 2022 - Andrea
October 22, 2022 - Electrical Sewing
November 19, 2022 - Alice In Wonderland Challenge
November 19, 2022 Show and Sale
December 17, 2022 - Christmas Party and Gift Exchange

September Birthdays

Mary M.
Kathryn W.
Denise D.

August 2022 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Andrea B., Ann C,  Julie and Ron G., Jude H., Sue O., Virginia O., Linda S., Joan W., Julie W., Leslie W.

Old Business and Officer Reports

Vice Presidents Report -- The Deanna Hogan Class will be on March 11 and 12, 2023, and the cost will be $150.00.

Secretary,-- Names listed in the newsletter will show only the first name and first letter of the last name.  

Publicity-- Ann C. will put notices in the available Eastside Newspapers to list our meetings.

Show & Sale-- We will take sign-ups for the doll show sales tables at the September meeting.  If you cannot be at the meeting, you can email Andrea. A sales spot will cost $15, whether it is a full table or a half. Save the date flyers were distributed. The Bird Dolls, Alice In Wonderland challenge dolls, Misc. dolls, and older Alice in Wonderland dolls can be displayed at the show.

InFiber Collaboration -- Spirit Dolls--These will not be due until 2023.  

 New Business

Katie asked us to continue to send her photos of finished dolls for our Facebook page.
Mary M. is in Rehab
Janet F., who made birds, has passed away.

Ann C. presented the program on ribbon flowers.  She demonstrated various flowers and leaves.   

        Show and Tell

Button doll by Jude H.

Egyptian doll by Sue O.

Sparkle Doll by Virginia O.

Sparkle doll by Sue O.

Christine Shively doll by Julie W.

Felted duck by July W.

The next six dolls are collectible dolls shown by Leslie W.
I have included the labels


Bird Inspired doll by Andrea B.

Upcoming Challenges and Events
  September Program--Andrea B.
  October Program --Joan W.  Electrical sewing. Bring Dolls for Danville display 
 (boxes and  tablecloths)
  October 21 & 22 Retreat and Danville doll show
  November 19, 2022 - Alice In Wonderland Challenge
  November 26, 2022 Show and Sale
Check List for September Meeting
Name Tag
Show and Tell