Sunday, May 6, 2012

Show and Tell catch up - February's pictures

Sorry -- your club photographer took so many pictures that she was buried in them, and got overwhelmed trying to process them all.  There were 58 photos from our February meeting alone!  (Which is why it has taken so long to get them up, which is what the apology is for.)

Many of those photos are of our Round Robin dolls, which the participants have decided not to make public yet, seeing as how they are strict adherents of the 'no peeking' rule.  I cannot show them to you until the end, but the other dolls from February's Show & Tell still filled up three entire posts!

I am backdating the posts to the proper month, to keep the chronological order of the blog intact.  Please check them out, because they are full of gorgeous things! Here are the links:

Feb. 2012 part 1: An Original Design and 4 Beaded Necklaces - an adorable stump doll design by Leslie and stunning necklaces made by Sandy.

Feb. 2012 part 2: Julie's Doll - a guitar-totin' doll from a Patti Culea pattern.

Feb. 2012 part 3: A Japanese gofun doll, New stuff, and Fame - vintage dolls with links to a Japanese technique for porcelain-like faces made with oyster shells.  And a bunch of other cool stuff, too.