Monday, April 22, 2013

April 2013 meeting notes

Katie's newest original art doll is here: If I Had Wings I Would Fly.  Please visit her site to read her detailed write-up of the techniques she used.

Her face was sculpted in clay during an online class.  We showed it in progress here. Her cloth body design was painstakingly designed by hand by Katie, who then created an exquisite costume for her.
The cape is minutely hand-beaded, and her dress is made from vintage silk velvet.

She is altogether beautiful.

In more show-and-tell, Ann has been applique quilting!  There are many other blocks finished  here too, and they are all just as pretty as these three.  The pattern for the blocks is by Edyta Sitar.

Julie G. brought her Deanna Hogan doll Suffragette Sally, started in a  Doll Gatherers class.  Her clay face has a cloth overlay, which is painted.

Here's the doll in her period costume.

Next up, a traveling goblin -- Mary found herself lucky and won Cody Goodin's recent give-away.  I'm not really sure what to say about him, but he seems happy to be here?

After show and tell, Julie G. showed us how she learned to make doll wings, a la Alison Marano.

Here's the sheer fabric and stabilizer used to sew the wings on the sewing machine.

And here's a beautifully embroidered maple leaf, with a channel sewn to hold the wire that will attach the wing to a doll.

It was a good meeting.