Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Goddesses, done and in progress

We had three amazing finished dolls, by Nita, Katie, and Martha at our September 2013 meeting.  Nita's fabric choices are perfect, as always, with hand-dyed velvet, cheesecloth, shibori silk and ribbon yarn draped in the costume.
Maiden, Mother, and Crone by Nita
Katie's doll is more fully costumed, again in wonderful colors and trims, with lovely hair-dos.
Exuberance, Joy, and Wisdom by Katie
Martha could not bear to cut into the fabulous spangly blue scarf she used, so the goddesses will keep it safe for her.
A Woman's Journey by Martha
So far we have many more dolls in-progress than finished.  Mary's doll showcases fabrics she hand-dyed herself, combined with purchased batiks.
by Mary
Andrea pieced the body strips to vary the value in her monochrome scheme.
by Andrea
She also worked out the scale needed to stand her goddesses on a found stone base. Here's a perspective shot:
four-fifths and one-third scale
Back up to full-size... Jude made delightful hair for her maiden from narrow pinked strips of fabric, and added sleeves and metal bracelets to her costumes.
by Jude
Next post, we'll show the back of this doll, as Jude kicks off our 'embellishment' program.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Just us, sewing and having a good time

At our weekend workshop this August, sewing along and having a good time.
Watched over by Barbara's dolls...
As well as Barbara herself.
We worked in groups...
And in twos...
(stuffing, stuffing, stuffing...)
And threes...
Sharing ideas...
And making goddesses.
Thank you, Barbara!