Tuesday, September 15, 2020

September 2020 Newsletter

September 2020 Newsletter



Upcoming Meetings
September 19 -Virtual meeting due to Covid
October 17 -  Virtual meeting due to Covid
November 21 -Virtual meeting due to Covid
December 19 -Virtual meeting due to Covid
Please note:  This agenda is tentative and subject to change

Member Birthdays

Mary, Kathryn, and Denise celebrate their birthdays this month.  Happy Birthday to each of you!

Meeting Minutes
Our August meeting was a virtual Zoom meeting.  Attending were Andrea, Julie W., Katie, Ann C., Joan, Vicki, Virginia, Maggie, and Jude.

Show and Tell
A few members had some show and tell.  Ann C. showed us a pearl baby necklace that was remade into a beautiful bracelet.  How nice to be able to  pass on such a sweet memento.  She also showed us a cute Barbara Schoenoff bunny she had made.
Vicki showed us a really cute soft sculpture elephant she had made.
Andrea brought a smile to our faces with her puppet.  She showed us her new peg board in her studio.
Katie is working on a new technique of handwork.  She showed us her Barbara Schoenoff  bunny, and a headless cat she needle felted.
Virginia made a bunny from a pattern she got on etsy and showed us a Raggedy Ann doll she made from a pattern she got on her birthday which she had died with coffee and vanilla.
Jude also showed a Barbara Schoenoff bunny she had made and her Tilda Santa doll.
Joan has made a mask with adjustable straps.

 We continue to have virtual meetings via zoom.
There are plans to still have our Annual Challenge which for 2020 is a Woman in History Doll but this  will be conducted virtually. Pictures of your completed doll should be sent to Katie and Julie W. who will post them on our Facebook page and on our Blog to be voted on. These pictures will need to be sent between October 17-20 to allow time for Katie and Julie W. to get them ready to post on Election Day, November 3 to commemorate women's right to vote.  Voting will continue for 10 days (November 13).  Doll's maker will be anonymous until votes are tallied and winners are announced.  
We are considering a Christmas gift mail exchange and Virginia is working on a way to do it.
Kathryn Walmsley is developing a way to do our Triplet class by doing videos and PDFs for those who signed up for the class.  Jude will be her virtual assistant.  Class participants will be notified.

Upcoming Challenges and Events
Edgar Allen Poe Challenge Doll-postponed for now
Kathryn Walmsley Class 
October 17 -  Woman in History Challenge Doll Due
November 3-13 - Election Day virtual voting for Challenge Doll
November 21, 2020- 18th Annual Holiday Art Fair and  Art Doll Show-cancelled
December - Christmas mail gift exchange.

Next Meeting
Next meeting is Saturday, September 19 by Zoom at 10:)) a.m,  Invitations will be emailed prior to the meeting.