Wednesday, March 9, 2016

March 2016 Newsletter

March 2016 Newsletter

Upcoming Meetings
March 19 - Vicki C. - Smocking
April 16 - Sew-in for Fantasy Face Pin Doll Challenge
April 23 and 24 - Weekend workshop with Sue Odell.
May 21 - River City Joint Meeting
June 18 - Sue - Photography with Mr. Odell and a swap meet
July 16 - Ann R. - TBD
August 20 - Sue - Striped Fabric Manipulation
September 17 - Katie - TBD
October 15 - Virginia - Finger Weaving and the Challenge Doll reveal and judging
November 19 - Annual Show and Sale
December 17 - Annual Christmas Party

 Member Birthdays
Happy Birthday to our March birthday people:  Julie W., Erin, and Colleen!

February Meeting Minutes
We had a fantastic turn out for our February meeting with twenty one members present:  Virginia, Sue, Mary Jane, Martha, Jude, Leslie, Ann R., Ann C., Julie W., Andrea, Mary, Vicki, Maggie, Katie, Joan, Anita, Kathryn, Ron, Julie G., Denise, and Erin.

Show and Tell
Many of us are accepting Sue's challenge to finish a previously started doll. Denise showed us a doll body she plans to finish.
Julie G. showed us her baby she finished for her Traveler Doll from Angela Jarecki's class.
Julie G.'s Traveler Baby
Kathryn has a Punchinello doll to complete from a past workshop she presented to our club.
Nita showed us a doll she completed for a friend.  She also plans to complete her Gail Wilson "Little Red Riding Hood".
Nita's doll
Joan shared highlights of her recent trip to Istanbul where she took some wonderful workshops.
Joan's Fantastic Felted Hat
Katie completed a clay sculptured doll body from a class with Deb Wood.  It is quite detailed.
Katie's Clay Sculpture censored
Maggie is challenging herself to complete her "Three Phases of the  Goddess" from Barbara Schoenoff's workshop.
Andrea shared an interesting Easter book from the library and proudly told us of her mother being accepted to teach a quilting class at the John C. Campbell Folk School.
Ann C. had recently been to San Francisco and shared some pictures she had taken at Paxton Gate"s Curiosities.
Ann R. showed us her snowman doll of cross stitch she recently finished and some applique pieces for a  quilt.  She  wants to finish a Christine Shively's Unexpected Angel Doll for Sue's Challenge.
Ann R's snowman
Mary Jane hopes to finish her "Three Phases of the  Goddess" from Barbara Schoenoff's workshop and is excited about her quilting projects.
Martha shared a T-Shirt quilt she is making and plans to finish a doll from a Christmas Gift kit.
Sue wants to complete a doll she has adapted from Angela Jarecki's puppet doll "Madam Mori" and maybe a Gail Wilson doll she received as a Christmas gift several years ago.
Sue's doll adapted from Angela Jarecki's"Madam Mori"
Virginia shared two dolls she has finished.  One for January and the other for February.  She is challenging herself to make a doll a month this year!  For Sue's challenge she plans to complete a doll from a pattern designed by her mom.
                    Virginia's Doll 1
Virginia's Doll 2

Erin is planning to finish one of the "Three Phases of the  Goddess" dolls from Barbara Schoenoff's workshop.
Julie W. hopes to complete her Garden Party Beaded Doll started in Anne Hesse's 2011 workshop and maybe her Dancing Doris (pattern by Jill Maas).
                              Julie W.'s Garden Party Beaded Doll
Julie W.'s Dancing Doris

Business Meeting
The upcoming challenges and classes were discussed. See the list at the end of the newsletter for the upcoming challenges.  The dates for Sue Odell's April class were changed to April 23 and 24.  Sue presented 3 options for her class which the club then voted on. It was a difficult decision as they were all 3 wonderful dolls.  Maybe we can get her to do the others another time???  The winner was Sue's "Grace/Patience".  Both dolls are made from the same pattern.

Mr. Odell will be coming this summer to photograph our dolls.There will be a fee for doing this.  Details will be announced in the upcoming months.

September 3 and 4 are the dates for our Fall Workshop to be presented by Barbara Willis.  More information will be available in the upcoming months.

Our November challenge will be judged by Cindy Sieving this year.  Kathryn will review the judging form for any changes that might need to be made.  The Irvington United Methodist Church has been chosen and booked again for the 2016 Show and Sale.

A bag of lace and other materials was donated to us from a friend of the library.  Our members eagerly divided up the wonderful contents of the bag.  Thank you for the donation whoever you are!

Julie G presented a demo of texturing fabric, embellishing it with laces, paints and beads.  This was very inspiring with techniques that will be fun to use.
                Julie G.'s Fabulous Fabric
Julie G.'s Fantastic Fabric
Next Meeting:
Vicki will present a demo on smocking.  If you would like to work along, bring basic sewing supplies including thread, needle, scissors, ruler, pencil and fabric.

Upcoming Challenges
March 19, 2016 Sue's UFO Challenge
May 21, 2016 with River City Dollmakers joint meeting - Fantasy Face Pin Doll - Make a pin doll of face that tells a story.
October 15, 2016 Indy Cloth Dollmakers Challenge - The Elements (for Judging)
November 19, 2016 Show and Sale People's Choice selection of the Challenge Dolls

March Checklist
  • Nametag
  • Finished UFO for Sue's Challenge
  • Payment for Sue's class
  • Basic sewing supplies:  needle, thread, scissors, fabric, ruler and pencil