Tuesday, March 16, 2021

March 2021 Newsletter

 March 2021 Newsletter

 Upcoming Meetings 

March 20, 2021- virtual
April 17, 2021- virtual
May 15, 2021- virtual
June 19, 2021- virtual?
July 17, 2021- virtual?
August 21, 2021- virtual?
September 18, 2021- virtual?
October 16, 2021- virtual?
November 20, 2021- virtual?
December 18, 2021- virtual?

All meetings for now are virtual until we are allowed to meet again in the library so this agenda is subject to change.

Meeting Minutes
The following members met by Zoom in February:  Andrea, Katie, Elena, Maggie, Sue, Virginia, Ann C., Martha, Joan and Julie W.
Show and tell did not disappoint.  Members who had challenged each other to finish UFOs showed us their accomplishments.  Andrea started us off with her doll "Alyssa" inspired by a Cindee Moyer pattern.  She incorporated her love of tatting in many details of the doll including a beaded crown and a tatted medallion created by recreating a medallion that was on her father's christening dress.  Wow, that's amazing, Andrea!
Andrea's Alyssa
Andrea's Alyssa with tatting

Virginia was an overachiever completing 3 dolls since our last meeting. One is a cute Luna Lapin bunny named Kaleidoscope.  Virginia was in Kathryn Walmsley's triplet class and completed "Millie Huckleberry holding a baby bear and she also made "Lada" from a Lucy Landry pattern. Congratulations on your accomplishments, Virginia.  These are all great! (She also showed us a headless doll in progress so we know there is more to come next month!)
Virginia's "Kaleidoscope"

Virginia's "Millie Huckleberry"

Virginia's "Lada"

Sue completed her Luna bunny named "Thistle" (pattern by Sarah Peel) and  "Parsley" from Kathryn Walmsley's Triplet class as well as "Sybil" made from doeskin from a pattern by Jennifer Carson . Sue has challenged herself to complete 12 dolls this year.  
Sue's Thistle

Sue's Parsley

Sue's Parsley

Sue's Sybil

Sue's Sybil

Elena had two dolls to show us.  She finished Final 9th Stitchpunk with polymer clay hands. The other is a whimsical mantle doll playing a guitar named Leopoldo.  Members expressed interest in her teaching her sculpting techniques at one of our in person meetings in the future.  Great work, Elena!
Elena's Final 9th Stitchpunk

Elena's Leopoldo

Katie shared that she is taking an online class and is working with paperclay.  She has also worked with polymer clay and talked about the differences and challenges in working with these media.

Ann C. has been working on her Kathryn Walmsley Triplet Doll.  We look forward to seeing it when finished.  Maybe in March???

Joan had prepared a slide show from pictures she had taken when she was in Pakistan of dolls in a museum there.  The costuming in these dolls were exquisite.  There were also photos of Pakistan wedding attire that were extremely ornate.  She also had photos of dolls she had taken at the Eiteljorg museum.  How inspiring, Joan!  Thanks for sharing!

Maggie shared she has prepared sketches of a button doll and an Edgar Allen Poe doll for the upcoming challenges.  She had been stuck at an appointment for a lengthy time and hadn't taken anything to occupy her time, so she borrowed some paper and made use of her time.  Great thinking, Maggie!

A few days after the February meeting Andrea let members know that one of our former members from a number of years ago, Diana Baumbauer, now has patterns she has designed available on Dollmakers Journey.  Some of our members remembered her.  Leslie actually has her pattern for Zelda from 1986 and although she had never made the doll is now inspired to do so. Leslie relates that Diana is very talented and as a member was always coming up with new ideas for joints and internal wiring or tubing while she was a member of our club.  Diana had left Indianapolis and gone to California.  We are so happy to see she is still making dolls and sharing her knowledge. So proud to say she was a member of our club!
Diana Baumbauer's Zelda pattern

Andrea happily announced that we possibly may be able to meet in person at the library again perhaps in June or July.  What great news!!!
Upcoming Challenges and Events
June - Button Challenge Doll
November - Edgar Allen Poe Challenge Doll

Next Meeting
Our next virtual meeting on Zoom will be Saturday, March 20 at 10:00 a.m.  Invitations will be sent out in advance to members.