Saturday, December 11, 2021

December 2021 Newsletter

December 2021 Newsletter

 Upcoming Meetings
December 18, 2021-Christmas Party with Black and White gift exchange
January 15, 2022 - TBD

Member Birthdays
Several birthdays this December.  Best wishes to Ann C., Jude, Sue and Leslie!

Meeting Minutes
We had no official meeting in November as we had our annual Doll Show and Art Fair which was a great success.  Here are pictures of this fun day.




Julie G., Ron, Kathryn


Barbara's dolls for sale
Barbara's "Gypsy Caravan"
Barbara shared her story of her "Gypsy Caravan" as visitors came through.  She is a fabulous storyteller and people were amazed with her work.  Thank you, Barbara, for sharing this with everyone!!

Other vendors not pictured were Martha and Joan.

Member's dolls completed in the last few years were displayed on the center tables.  Visitors to our Show and Sale voted on their favorites for the People's Choice Award.
Member's dolls

Member's dolls

Member's dolls

Member's dolls

Member's dolls

Member's dolls

Member's dolls

Member's dolls

Member's dolls

Peoples Choice Winner
Barbara and "Rose"

Edgar Allan Poe Challenge

Ann C.'s "C. Auguste Dupin" is a fictional character created by Edgar Allan Poe. Dupin made his first appearance in Poe's 1841 short story "The Murders in the Rue Morgue", widely considered the first detective fiction story. He reappears in "The Mystery of Marie RogĂȘt" (1842) and "The Purloined Letter" (1844)

Julie W.'s "Annabel Lee" from Poe's poem with the same name

Nita's "Virginia Elise Clemm" Poe's young wife

Virginia's "Lady Red Death" from Poe's Story "The Masque of the Red Death" 

Sue's "Annabel Lee" from Poe's poem with the same name

Katie's "Lenore" from Poe's poem with the same name

Edgar Allen Poe Challenge Winner
Katie and "Lenore"

Button Challenge

Virginia's "Wise Woman", Andrea's "Pearly Queen", Barbara's "Pearl"

Julie W.'s, "Sheila Shopper", Sue's "Buttons"

Ann C.'s "Miss Dahlia", Maggie's "Buttons Galore", Barbara's "Mermaid", "Bitsy Buttons", Andrea's "Pearly Queen", Martha's "Emma"

Button Doll Challenge Winner
Barbara and "Pearl"

For the second year we had a charity table with all proceeds going to Hope Center Indy.  All items on the table were handmade and donated by our members.  Thank you all for making this table a success by you purchases and generous donations!

Charity Table

Next Meeting
Our next meeting is Saturday, December 18 at the Irvington Library.  It will be our annual Holiday party and brunch.  We will also have a Black and White gift exchange for those who want to participate.  Also, we will be electing officers for 2022 and voting for themes for the 2022 challenges as well as getting ideas for programs for 2022.