Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Snow-dyed fabric and more

In addition to the January Girls (now available as a pattern!), our February show-and-tell also had an abundance of colorful fabric.
Joan decided to take a positive outlook on our lousy weather, and figured, if life gives you snow, make snow-dyed fabric.  She used only two shades of dye to make all of the pieces shown above.  She folded, twisted, and clamped the fabric in various patterns, and soaked the material in a soda-ash solution.  Then she covered the folded fabric with a thick layer of snow, and sprinkled powdered dye (in raisin and sage green) over the snow.  As the snow melted, it randomly dispersed the dye and made beautiful patterns.
Ann R. showed us what she's been working on during this long winter.  This truly stunning quilt top is done in needle-turn applique.

From all the colors of the rainbow, to only one; 'Shades of Pink' is this critter's official name, but Vicki calls him Pinky the Cat.

For our lesson, Ann C. taught us how to make probably a dozen different ribbon flowers from the book Ribbonwork by Helen Gibb.

Our last entry for show and tell is this tiny little girl (she's about 4" high, seated).  She is the first part of a mother & child doll that Katie is designing.  Her face is needle-sculpted cloth with a cloth overlay.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Barbara Schoenoff's January Girl workshop

This month for show and tell, we got to see the results of the January workshop.  Several members braved the artic winds to meet Barbara Schoenoff in Danville, Illinois (home of the wonderful Threads of Time sewing retreat) to make these lovely ladies with fancy hairdos, made of braided trim that has been gessoed and painted.
January Girls, designed by Barbara Schoenoff

Below is Julie G.'s doll, Magdalena.

Next is Anne C.'s dolly-in-progress.

Next is Jude's doll, named Amabella.

Last is Katie's doll, still named January Girl.  Katie had fun adding some extra layers, like the sleeve caps and the ruffled tulle.

Below you can see where she modified the hairstyle to become a charming chapeau!

Thank you, Barbara, for another delightful class!