Sunday, June 17, 2012

June 2012 Show and Tell

What a great June meeting!  Lots of people, including one new member (welcome, Shelby!) and tons of show and tell.
Night-Mer by Mary McNeely
First is Mary's newest original doll, Night-Mer.  The idea for this one has been hanging around Mary's brain for a long time, but those tentacles took a while to figure out.  You can see the doll in person next month at the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Art Exhibit at Garfield Park, on the south side of Indianapolis.

Mary also brought her Lucius Malfoy doll, started in our Elven King workshop with Judy Skeel (way back in 2006, but who's counting?).
Lucius by Mary M., pattern by Judy Skeel
It has obviously been a good time to finish some UFOs, because Julie G. also brought a workshop doll to share.  This one was from a Lucy Landry workshop at Magic, Mischief, & Mayhem in 2010.
Moth Woman by Julie G., pattern by Lucy Landry
Our next doll was not years in the making, although she looks like she should have been.  Katie brought her absolutely gorgeous original doll, Tashi.  Check out Katie's blog for lots more pictures and close-ups.  She describes the Tibetan jewelry and other costume bits that inspired her design.
Tashi, original design by Katie
From elaborate to elegant simplicity -- the next doll is actually a knitted lamb, made by Erin for Baby Bea.  I was in the other room, taking pictures of our Round Robin dolls in progress (maintaining the secrecy until the grand unveiling this fall!), so I missed all the discussion about Erin's soft and cuddly creation, and do not know what pattern was used.  I can vouch for cuddly, though.
And finally, our last doll is actually the first doll ever made by our newest member, Shelby.  She is from Jan Horrox's book, Introduction to Making Cloth Dolls.
Great meeting, everybody!  See you next month :-)