Saturday, April 8, 2017

April 2017 Newsletter

April 2017 Newsletter

Upcoming Meetings
April 15 - Prep for AFICC Tiaras-Virginia, Tarot Dolls Due
May 20 - Joint meeting with River City Group, Tarot Doll Challenge, Field Trip to Indiana State Museum
June 17 - Katie-Lingerie, Sue's UFO Challenge dolls due
July 15 -  Kathryn- Dorset button demo
August 19 - Charity Doll Workshop, Swap meet
September 16 - Andrea - History of lace
October 21 - 2017 Challenge Doll Judging
November 18 - Annual Show and Sale
December 16 - Annual Christmas Party

Member Birthdays
Happy April spring birthday wishes to Katie, Sandy, and Ann R.

March Meeting Minutes
Attendees this month were:  Mary, Ann R., Julie W., Vicki, Ann C., Joan, Katie, Jude, Jennifer, Nita, Denise, Sue, Virginia, Kathryn, Ron, Julie G., Andrea, Martha, Leslie,  Maggie and Erin.

Show and Tell
Many of our members are multi-talented.  One being Ann R., who completed a beautiful applique quilt.  She has worked on this for two years and did a magnificent job!
Ann R.'s Applique Quilt

Vicki brought in her Cheshire cat completed from an Alice and Wonderland challenge.  He's a cutie!
Vicki's Cheshire cat

Nita completed her Fleur doll from Barbara Schoenoff's workshop at a retreat at Threads of Time earlier this year.  She is beautiful, Nita!  She has also been busy making pin dolls.  They are wonderful!
Nita's Fleur

Nita's Pin dolls

Kathryn brought in a wonderful needlebook she has made.  A terrific way to get our needles organized!
Kathryn's Needle Book

Inside Kathryn's Needle Book

Business Meeting
Leslie has been working on getting our workshop for later this year.  The dates will be Saturday August 26 and Sunday August 27.   More details will come as the plans are finalized.  Leslie is also researching for  the Spring 2018 workshop.  Please contact her if there is something you are particularly interested in.
There will be several different displays at AFICC.  If you are not going, but would like to send dolls for display, please bring them to the April meeting nicely packed with a label attached to include your name, name of pattern, and name of doll.  One of our members who is going will be happy to take your doll/dolls for you.  If you are sending a Tarot challenge doll, be sure to include your inspiration card or a picture of the card.  Our club will display our Elements Challenge dolls.  You may also send dolls for the Just for Fun Exhibit. Please limit 3 dolls per person for this display.  AFICC is April 20-23.  Visit for more information about AFICC.

After our business meeting Sue guided us in how to make needlebooks in preparation for make it/take it at AFICC.  They are a great way to organize and carry your needles so they don't get lost!
Making Needle Books

Making Needle Books
We also had a surprise guest visitor, Bea!!!  We love it when she comes to see us!!!

Next Meeting
At our April meeting Virginia will be working with us to make tiaras either to wear at AFICC or make for kids or dolls.  Here is a list she suggested of things to bring to the meeting to make your tiara:
12 to 16 gauge wire  (enough to fit around you head with a few inches for overlap)
1 package bias tape - wide single fold   - color to coordinate with your flowers
Wire cutters
Items to attach to the crown - flowers, beads, ornaments, old jewelry, trinkets (anything that you want to attach to your crown - as much or as little as you want.)
Misc glues - depending on what you are attaching  (glue guns work very well) 
Phase 2 of our Round Robin/Brown Bag Doll is due. Those participating bring your Bag Doll with its new hair do to exchange for the next phase.
Don't forget to take photos and write in the dolls journal!

Upcoming Challenges and Events
April 15 - Tarot Challenge doll due
April 20-23 - AFICC in Columbus, Ohio
May 20, 2017 - Tarot Challenge with River City
June 17 -  Sue's UFO Challenge
August 28-September 3 - NIADA Nashville, TN
October 21, 2017 -  Picture Book Challenge Doll Judging
November 18, 2014 - Show and Sale, People's Choice selection of the Picture Book Challenge Dolls

If anyone has questions about our doll club or would like to contact us, please email our club at

April Meeting Checklist
  • Nametag
  • Round Robin/Brown Bag Doll
  • Supplies to make your Tiara (see list above)
  • Tarot Challenge Doll
  • Dolls for Display at AFICC