Sunday, February 11, 2018

February 2018 Newsletter

February 2018 Newsletter

Upcoming Meetings

February 17 - Andrea - UFO Dice
March 17 - Name tags and swap meet
April 21 - tour of the Mad Hatter exhibit at the art museum with Janet Brandt
May 19 - Beasties Challenge and Joint meeting with River City Group
June 16 - Leslie - Using Inktense pencils
July 21 - Joan - Make a portable cutting mat
August 18 - Denise - How to make an awesome journal
September 15 - Virginia - Faces
October 20 - 2018 Challenge Doll Judging
November 17 - Annual Show and Sale
December 15 - Annual Christmas Party

Member Birthdays
Although they don't look it, Julie G. and Liz are another year older this month!  Happy Birthday, ladies!!

January Meeting Minutes
Members present for the January meeting were Leslie, Maggie, Katie, Jude, Julie W., Ann C., Denise, Andrea, Janet, Vicki, Nita, Joan, Kathryn, Julie G., Ron, Virginia, and Sue.

Show and Tell
Virginia made a fabulous articulated doll from a pattern by Gayle Wray.  Gayle has published a complete and very detailed book titled "Making Angelina".  There are many techniques used in making this doll and Virginia did a wonderful job creating her!
Virginia's Gayle Wray Doll
Virginia also brought in a hand made puppet named Gizmo she purchased at a winter fair.  We all had fun playing with it.  It reminded us of a puppet Erin created a few year ago.
Virginia's "Gizmo"

Vicki has made some cute soft sculpture animals she named so appropriately.
Vicki's Checkers, Aloysius, Zippy and Dolly

Janet brought in two newly created baby birds.
Janet's Baby Birds

Joan has been busy creating some interesting journals and a portable cutting mat.  She has agreed to share with us how to make the mat at one of our meetings later this year. 
Joan's journals and cutting mat

Julie G. shared with us a doll made by Nita she had purchased and decided she was in need of a bigger chest which Julie created!
Julie G.'s doll made by Nita

The official meeting included a report from Julie G. on the September class with Marla Niederer.  This class will be for the intermediate to advanced doll maker and members will make a sleeping mermaid.  The class has a waiting list.  Julie G. can be contacted for more information on the class.

We discussed the Sew-In planned for April 7&8.  Short classes will be done each morning, then in the afternoons we can work on UFO's.  This Sew-In will be in our regular meeting room at the Irvington Library.

So many enjoyed doing the Round Robin/Brown Bag Doll last year, we have decided to do it again for 2018.  So if you want to participate we are starting at the February meeting. If you would like to participate, you will submit a blank doll body you have made placed in a brown paper grocery sack or similar sack.  Also in the sack include a journal that you have started for your doll's journey. You will include photos to also document this amazing journey your doll will make.  Please leave the head unattached as it is easier for the person doing her face to not have it attached. Do not sculpt the face as that will be the step the next person will do.  We will have the first exchange at our February meeting.  If you cannot make it to the meeting, give it to another member who will be attending that day and they will exchange for you. At the following intervals the bags will be exchanged with another participating member and by the end you will get your completed doll back with stories of his or her adventures along the way.  You will not see your doll after the first exchange until the end of the exchanges.  The tentative exchanges are as follows:
  • February-naked body with head unattached and no sculpting
  • March-face with needle sculpting
  • April-hair
  • June-clothing
  • August-shoes
  • October-embellishment/accessories
You never know what you will end up with.  Your fellow dollmakers will add their own personal touches and you will be amazed!
In October you will get your doll back along with stories of his/her adventures along the way in the homes of you dollmaking friends.
2017 Round Robin/Brown Bag Dolls

It was suggested members might contribute items for the name tag drawing basket.  Currently we have fat quarters of fabrics and some trims.  If you have a small doll related item you would like to contribute for the name tag drawing winner to select please bring it to any of the meetings.

Sue presented a demonstration on how to drape a paper towel to make a doll pattern.  She gave us excellent tips on doing this as well as how to use plastic wrap and masking tape to develop a pattern.  Sue is an excellent teacher and we always look forward to learning from her!  Thanks, Sue!
Sue drafting a pattern
Sue with reference book

Next Meeting
Our next meeting is February 17.  Andrea will have a fun project on how to make UFO dice.  Sounds interesting, right?  Be thinking of UFO projects you have.  You will need them to put on the dice.  Andrea will provide everything else needed.
Reminder:  If you haven't yet paid your dues for 2018 bring to the February meeting or mail to Jude.
Bring your naked doll body and head for Brown Bag exchange.

Upcoming Challenges and Events
February 9-11 - Danville, Illinois retreat
April 7-8 - Irvington weekend sew-in
May 19 -"Beasties" Challenge with River City
Sept. 29-30 - Marla Neiderer class
Oct. 20 -  Challenge Judging - "Growing Old Outrageously"
Nov. 17 - Show and Sale

February Check List
  • Nametag
  • Show and Tell
  • Dues if not already paid
  • Round Robin/Brown Bag Doll for exchange