Saturday, December 12, 2015

December 2015 Newsletter

Upcoming Meetings

December 19- Annual Christmas Party
January 16- TBD
February 20- TBD

Member Birthdays

 Happy Birthday to Sue, Leslie, Ann C. and Jude, we hope you have a great year!

The Show and Sale was a success once again.  The new space was spacious and beautiful, which really set the stage for our beautiful displays and sales tables.  Thanks to everyone who helped put the show together.

The People's Choice award for the Leather and Lace challenge was a complete surprise.  THREE dolls won!  Katie's Rhapsody on the Runway, Sue's Pyrite the Troll Queen and Erin's Ima and Gigil all tied.

Kathryn Wamsly's Awards were also announced for the Leather and Lace Challenge.  Sue won 1st place, Katie won 2nd, and Julie G's Mademoiselle Mme won 3rd, and Judge's Choice went to Sue!  

Congratulations to everyone, all of the dolls were wonderful. Let's make next year's challenge even more "challenging"!

Next Meeting

Our Christmas party is always a great treat. We will have a pitch-in brunch and (optional) gift exchange, as well as narrow down ideas for the 2016 Challenge.

Please bring a dish to share. Below is the sign-up list from the Show and Sale.

Julie G -- hash brown casserole
Janet -- pasta salad
Sue -- a yummy biscuits & gravy thing
Maggie -- plates and napkins
Andrea -- silverware and cups
Nita -- drinks
Vicki -- cookies
Ann C. -- her delicious sausage thing
Jude -- something for dessert
Martha -- a different salad, maybe cauliflower
Mary- chocolate peanut butter fudge
Julie W - Hawaiian ham sandwiches
Erin - stuffed bread

You may also bring a doll related gift (limit of $20), which you can purchase, gather from your stash, or make. This is entirely optional, so please don't feel obligated.  I have heard that we might have a fun game similar to the ATC trade!

Also, bring your thinking caps, because we will be brainstorming ideas for the 2016 Challenge Doll theme.  This is always a blast, where we discuss and vote on options.

Looking forward to celebrating with everyone!

Upcoming Challenges

Fantasy Face Pin Doll - Make a pin doll of a Face that tells a story.  Due at the May, 2016 joint meeting with the Rivercity Figurative Artist's Guild. 

December Checklist

  • Nametag
  • Covered Dish
  • Ideas for 2016 Challenge Theme
  • Gift

Monday, November 9, 2015

November Newsletter

Upcoming Meetings

November 21, 2015
Our 13th Annual Show and Sale

December 19, 2015
Christmas party

Member Birthdays

 Happy Birthday to Maggie and Edie, we hope you both have a wonderful day!

Emerald King

October Meeting Minutes

Members present:  Virginia, Suellen, Janet, Kathryn, Ron, Julie G, Jude, Katie, Julie W, Ann C, Erin and Leslie.

Troll Queen

Show and Tell

The 2015 Leather and Lace Challenge Entrants

Janet used a Jan Horrox pattern to make Kaylee from Firefly.  Kaylee Frye is a mechanic on a space ship, but once in awhile she gets to dress in a pretty dress and go out.  She has picked some flowers along the way, and kicked off her shoes.

Sue made the Troll Queen with a beautiful lace dress and crown.  The Queen even has her own fairy tale!  Pattern by Arlee Berryhill.

Virginia also used an Arlee Berryhill pattern to make her Emerald King.  This beaded beauty is making her way down the red carpet.  She will be the best dressed at this event!

Erin finished her doll from the Angela Jarecki workshop and named the dolls Ima and Gigil.  Momma has a leather vest and vintage lace kerchief.  They are off on an adventure!

Jude's fancy lioness is wearing a leather hat and beautiful lace skirt and gloves.  She even has a boutique purse to match her hat. Jude took the Bastet class with Leta Benedict at AFICC.

Ima & Gigil
Julie G's Mademoiselle Meme ran away with the circus at a young age.  She looks like she is part of the Night Circus.  Her lace tutu and metal accents are stunning.  
Katie recreated an outfit she wore in the 80s for Rhapsody on the Runway.  Rhapsody wanted so badly to be a model, and finally her dream came true.  The leather and lace used here are from Katie's actual outfit.  She's got beautiful beading, as well as a touch of purple in her hair.

Julie W's entry has been on a shopping spree.  Carrie has a vintage leather skirt and jacket trimmed with lace.  Even her magnificent boots are lacy.  Pattern by Laura Lundsberg.

Mademoiselle Meme

And we had a couple of show and tell items that were non-challenge related.  Sue and Virginia went to the Ghoultide Gathering in Michigan, and it sounded like a great field trip opportunity for next year.  It had a lot of Halloween themed dolls and other handmade items.  Next year's event will be September 24th, 2016.

Leslie brought some examples of round head dolls she has made, and one that has a muslin button jointed body.

Janet has been making Christmas birds for the show and sale, and brought a few to share with us.

Rhapsody on the Runway

Business Meeting

Flyers and posters for the Show and Sale were passed out to publicize the event.

If you have a table or dolls to display at the Show and Sale, please come to the church on Friday between 3-5, or Saturday at 9am.

Irvington United Methodist Church
30 N. Audubon Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46219

Sue will be our teacher for the first workshop in 2016.  We discussed the 2nd weekend in April (the 9th and 10th) as a good date.  Teachers for the fall workshop were Ute Vasina , Charlie Patricolo, and Stephanie Novatski.  Charlie has expressed interest, but would prefer a 3 day class.  Maybe we could do that over Labor Day weekend?

Kaylee from Firefly

Our slate of officers for 2016 is ever changing.  We need a Vice President to help organize the upcoming workshops.  

President: Andrea
Vice President - ?
Secretary - Julie W
Treasurer - Jude
Publicity - Katie
Show and Sale Committee 

If you are interested in Vice President of Secretary, please let us know.


We also discussed the programs for the meetings in 2016.  At the Anya and Baba workshop, we discussed using Collette Wolfe's Fabric Manipulation books as topics.  We could pick several techniques and have a member teach 1 technique a meeting.  Then we could use those fabric pieces in one doll.

Janet's Christmas Birds

Next Meeting

There will not be a formal meeting on Nov. 14th.  Come join us at the Show and Sale to see a year's worth of amazing dolls, vote for People's Choice, and see who the Challenge winners are.

Upcoming Challenges

Fantasy Face Pin Doll - Make a pin doll of a Face that tells a story.  Due at the May, 2016 joint meeting with the Rivercity Figurative Artist's Guild. 

November Checklist

  • Nametag
  • Challenge Doll and Display Dolls with nametags
  • Items for Sale
  • Money for making change

Sunday, October 11, 2015

October Newsletter

Upcoming Meetings

October 17, 2015
Challenge Dolls Due

November 21, 2015
Our 13th Annual Show and Sale

December 19, 2015
Christmas party

Member Birthdays

 Barbara, we hope you have a happy Birthday!

Martha's Tana Australian Challenge and a handmade lunch box.

October Meeting Minutes

Members present:  Virginia, Suellen, Andrea, Mary, Nita, Vicki, Janet, Kathryn, Ron, Julie G, Martha, Jude, Katie, Julie W, Joan, Erin and Maggie.

Virginia's Jeanie B

Show and Tell

Coming Soon

Sue's Jeanie B

Business Meeting

The Show and Sale Committee came up with the following guidelines.  These are similar to past years, but we are in a new location and need to be organized.

1.       The new location for the 2015 Show and Sell will be the Methodist Church in Irvington.
2.       The show date is November 21, 2915, from 10am – 5pm.
3.       One or two of the committee members will need to meet at the church to come up with a plan for table placement. We will also need to finalize with the church the exact hours we will be there on Friday afternoon and all day Saturday.
4.       There will be a one member  in charge of the Challenge Doll event.
5.       There will be a signup sheet for tables for the show at the September and October meetings.
6.       Table fee - $10, for a full table or a half table. Payment made to the Treasurer.
7.       There will be an additional $10 fee for space needed beyond the size of one 8’ table.
8.       The committee will number the tables, place the tables and assign the tables.
9.       We will set up on Friday afternoon starting at 3:00 pm, and Saturday morning before 10 am.
10.   There will be a separate table or tables set aside for 2015 Challenge Dolls only.
11.   The Challenge Doll chairperson will be responsible for the placement of the Challenge Dolls.
12.   There will a separate display table/tables set aside for dolls from the 2015 workshop, for member’s dolls made in 2015 and for dolls that have never been in the show before.  All other dolls will be located at the member’s table. Member’s dolls on display table may be for sale.
13.   We will need new signs because of the new location. And we will need posters for the local stores, postcards and bookmarks to take to quilt shops and galleries.

14.    Break down will start at 5 pm.

Vicki's cool yarn

The next Threads of Time retreat is November 7th & 8th.  There is still time to discuss an event there next year, possibly just a challenge and a small show.  Visit Threads and Beds to book your spot at the retreat.

Janet's hummingbird

We need to fill some of the board positions for 2016.  The slate of officers is as follows:
President: Andrea
Vice President - ?
Secretary - ? (Julie W and Ann C might be interested)
Treasurer - Jude
Publicity - Katie
Show and Sale Committee
If you are interested in Vice President of Secretary, please let us know.  The Vice President organizes the workshops. The Secretary takes notes and sends out the newsletter.

Artist Trading Cards
After the business meeting, we had a fun game to swap Artist Trading Cards.  Thanks to Sue and Virginia for putting the quiz show together!

Quiz Show

Next Meeting

Please bring some small-ish dolls for a display at the library to advertise for the Show and Sale.

The Leather and Lace Challenge Doll is due at the October meeting.  I can't wait to see all the interpretations on this theme.  
If you are entering a doll in the challenge, bring an anonymous label with the doll's name, pattern (if applicable), a description of the doll and any story she has or techniques and materials you used.

The Anya Homework

Upcoming Challenges

Leather and Lace- Due at the October meeting, make a cloth doll that includes the materials leather and lace in some way.  No restrictions on size or theme.

Fantasy Face Pin Doll - Make a pin doll of a Face that tells a story.  Due at the May, 2016 joint meeting with the Rivercity Figurative Artist's Guild. 

October Checklist

  • Nametag
  • Challenge Doll and Anonymous Label
  • Doll for Library Display in November

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Angela Jarecki's Traveller workshop, in progress

Here's a quick group photo from mid-afternoon during our workshop with Angela... she was an awesome teacher, and a delightful person to spend the weekend with!
In-Progress dolls, The Traveller, Anya and Baba, by Angela Jarecki

Enjoy some action shots.  We always enjoy our time together, and this was no exception.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

September Newsletter

Upcoming Meetings

September 19, 2015
ATC Trading Swap- Make 1 Artist Trading Card to swap

September 26-27, 2015
Traveler workshop with Angela Jarecki

October 17, 2015
Challenge Dolls Due

November 21, 2015
Our 13th Annual Show and Sale

December 19, 2015
Christmas party

Member Birthdays

 Wishing wonderful birthdays to Mary, Kathryn, and Denise!

Katie's sculpting homework

August Meeting Minutes

Members present:  Julie G, Jude, Ann C, Julie W, Andrea, Virginia, Janet, Ann R, Mary, Vicki, Ron, Sue, Sara, Leslie, Mary Jane, and Katie.

Katie's Windows Windows

Business Meeting

The Windows Online Workshop with Angela Jarecki is underway.  We had several great face drawings to show what a great class it is.  Looking forward to meeting Angela in person soon.

The Greenfield Art Center is available for the Traveler Class, so we will start class there at 9AM on Saturday September 6th.  You can bring your lunch or there is a restaurant next door and several fast food places in the area. The Art Center address is below.

Anya and Baby - The Traveler with Angela Jarecki
Saturday & Sunday Sept 26th and 27th
Greenfield Art Center 
2 W. Main St.
Greenfield, IN 46140
Class begins at 9AM Saturday Sept 26

$120 class fee, no pattern or kit fee will be charged
The class is full, but if you have not paid in full, please send the remainder of your fee to Jude.

Julie W's Windows

It's hard to believe, but the November Show and Sale is almost upon us. If you are going to have a table, start gathering your sale items.  Katie and Leslie are working together to make the postcards.  

The next Threads of Time retreat is November 6,7, and 8th.  This is a great time to finish up any Show and Sale items you are making.  Individuals have to make their own reservations at the Threads and Beds website.  

We discussed having another Show and Sale at the Threads of time and didn't come to a conclusion.  Think about it and we'll discuss again at the September meeting.  Do we want to do it every 2 years?  Also, bring your ideas for challenge dolls for that show.  So far ideas are Christmas in July, Halloween or Civil War prints.

Jude's Windows drawing

Our own challenge, Leather and Lace is due at the October meeting, October 17th.  We reminded everyone that it can be real leather or something that looks like leather.  It doesn't have to be real.

We talked about classes for 2016.  It was voted on to host our own Sue Odell in the Spring.  We're entertaining ideas for the fall workshop.  So far the two names that came up were Ute Vasina and Charlie Patricolo.  If you think of anyone you would like to see come to Indy for a workshop, drop Andrea an email.

Vivki's NICU quilts

Show and Tell

Katie is enrolled in an online sculpting class with Deb Wood making a pose-able armature out of polymer clay.  Her Windows face and small quilted frame are done.  She also brought her Australian fabric challenge doll, Kamira.  She embodies the freedom of the Aboriginal woman.  She was the winner of the People's Choice award at the Threads of Time Show and Sale.  Congrats!

Mary's vintage crochet hooks?
Julie W also completed her Windows face and frame, as well as the heart frame Angela included in the class.  Her Aborigianl challenge doll, Miranda, means pretty lady.  All of the little girls at Threads of Time loved Julie's doll!

Julie's Black fish

Ann R attended the UFDC convention is St. Louis and really enjoyed visiting a toy/ miniature museum there.

Ann C's aboriginal challenge were here two maple tree spirits made from Lucy Landry's pattern, all anatomically correct and really cute.

Julie G's beaded fish

Mary found a vintage sewing instrument at a garage sale, nobody was sure what it was or it's function, perhaps a crochet hook?  

Jude brought her Australian challenge doll, Gilly.  She was made from a Lucy Landry pattern.

Janet's Windows

Julie G brought in another beaded fish from Dot Lewellen's pattern from her AFIC class, very fishy!  She also had her Aboriginal challenge doll, Tinka, made from Lucy Landry's Bridgett pattern.

Julie G's Tinka

Janet had her completed Windows faces in frames.  She was one of several "over achievers" in our group :-)

Sara's AFICC dolls

Virginia was a darling pull toy, a black cat rolling on a platform made from Christine Shively's pattern from the AFICC class.  This will be a present for her aunt, Lucky Auntie!!

Leslie attended the UFDC convention in St. Louis as well, a dream come true!  The favor doll was done by Susan Frostnot. The theme of the convention was the Year of the Cloth Doll, right up Ann and Leslie's alley!  Leslie is also working on her Windows class, drawing faces.

Virginia's pull toy

Sara had three completed figures from her AFICC class with Deborah Klopp, Red Riding Hood, Santa, and a Day of the Dead doll.  They are all painted and adorably "weird." 

Mary Jane is into English paper piecing and she is working on piecing together one inch hexagons, tiny work!!

Close up of the kitty

Andrea - this lucky girl inherited a button box from her husband's grandmother, and she made three really cute button bracelets that she is giving various relatives.  She also showed off a beautiful read an blue vintage quilt top dated between 1890- 1910 that she purchased at a quilt show.

Leslie's favor by Susan Frostnot

Vivki's church, Faith United Methodist, has started an all day sewing group that meets on the second Saturday of the month, all are welcome.  They are making small quilts to be given to the NICU at Riley hospital.  She brought in a couple of examples.  You can contact Vicki if you are interested in joining.

Leslie's book from UFDC convention

Mary Jane won the nametag drawing.  Today's program was presented by Leslie.  She demonstrated her method for creating teeny tiny fingers.  Thank you Leslie!

Andrea's button bracelets

Next Meeting

Next meeting is the Artist Trading Card Swap.  Bring at least 1 card to swap.  You can bring more if you like.  They can be any media, not just fabric.  Sue and Virginia will be organizing and running the exchange.  Also, we have decided to do a swap meet.  Bring any items from your studio that you no longer have a need for.

Leslie's Window drawings

Upcoming Challenges

Leather and Lace- Due at the October meeting, make a cloth doll that includes the materials leather and lace in some way.  No restrictions on size or theme.

Fantasy Face Pin Doll - Make a pin doll of a Face that tells a story.  Due at the May, 2016 joint meeting with the Rivercity Figurative Artist's Guild. 

September Checklist

  • Nametag
  • Class Fees for the Traveler Workshop
  • Artist Trading Card - at least 1 to swap
  • Swap Meet items