Saturday, June 9, 2018

June 2018 Newsletter

June 2018 Newsletter

Upcoming Meetings

June 16 - Charity Dolls/Advanced Style Video
July 21 - Joan - Make a portable cutting mat
August 18 - Denise - How to make an awesome journal
September 15 - Virginia - Faces
October 20 - 2018 Challenge Doll Judging
November 17 - Annual Show and Sale
December 15 - Annual Christmas Party

Member Birthdays
Happy Birthday, Martha, Dimple, and Ron!

May Meeting
Our May meeting was a joint meeting with our friends from the River City Doll Club and held at The Sherman in Batesville.
Doll Makers at the Sherman

Members from River City attending were Holly, Liz, and Brenda. Indy Clothdollmakers included Elena, Julie W., Vicki, Ron, Julie G., Kathryn, Sue, Virginia, and Andrea. 
We started off with show and tell including our Beasties challenge.  Julie W. brought her beastie that was a dragon named Primo made from a pattern by Michelle Munzone in a back issue of Soft Dolls and Animals magazine.  She also shared her round robin/bag doll from this past year made from one of Sue Odell's original designs.
Elena brought Yogi, Wisdom Health, an original design of her own.
Elena's Yogi

Vickie brought her giraffe named Dottie.
Brenda made a creature she made out of paper mache.
Liz had a whole family of beasties.  She also shared some art pieces she had made in honor of a nephew who had gone missing.  These pieces were entitled Hope.
Liz's Hope art

Holly created a princess and the pea bed designed by Cindee Moyer and also brought her Charlie doll she had made in a class at Silk Road with Charlie Patricolo this past year.
Kathryn brought "This Little Pig Went to Market" and her round robin/bag doll from this past year that started out from an elinor peace bailey pattern.
Julie G. shared her rag doll made in a Jess Brown workshop in Colorado.  It was a treat to herself for having retired.  (Congratulations on your retirement, Julie G.!) The doll's shoes are made from the fingertips of gloves.
Andrea brought her Flower Faery from Barbara Schoenoff's workshop last year.  Also she brought a doll she had made from a pattern designed by Nita, her Picture Book Doll from last year's challenge, and a Beastie Owl.
Sorry, there are is only one individual Beastie picture.  Hope you can pick some of the others out in this group photo of all the dolls everyone brought.
Our Creations

Holly led us in our pin doll exchange and gift bag exchange.  The gift bags had all sorts of fun fabrics and embellishments to make future dolls from and the pin dolls were delightful!
The Sherman served us with an excellent meal.  It was a good place to meet with our friends from River City.  Thank you River City Doll Club for hosting us this year.  We look forward to our meeting again next year!

Happy Doll Maker Friends!

Next Meeting
Our next meeting is June 16 and we will be back at Irvington Library.  We will have a workshop after our meeting and we will make Scribbles dolls to give to a local charity. Scribbles is a free cloth doll pattern by Cyndy Sieving that can be made for charity.   For each doll, bring 2 arms and 2 legs (sewn and turned), 2 head pieces (one with face), and 2 body pieces (cut out), and hair.     Sew and stuff the arms and legs. Sew the head pieces to the body pieces, but do not sew them together.  We will do that at the meeting.  If you'd like to make the ears, baste them to the head.    We may have some machine embroidered faces to share, so you could also bring some bodies without the face attached.  You could also bring ribbons or fiber for hair, tools for embroidery, stuffing tools, etc. 
We also plan to have an Advanced Style Video to watch that may have some inspiration for this year's October Challenge Doll!

Upcoming Challenges and Events

July 6-8 - Danville, Illinois Retreat
Sept. 29-30 - Marla Niederer class
Oct. 20 -  Challenge Judging - "Growing Old Outrageously"
Nov. 17 - Show and Sale

June Meeting Checklist:
  • Nametag
  • Show and Tell
  • Scribbles Charity Doll body, arms & legs
  • Fibers/ ribbons for hair, embroidery floss for face, needles, thread,  scissors, etc