Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Barbara Schoenoff's Three Phases of the Goddess workshop

The Indy Cloth Dollmakers hosted member and teacher Barbara Schoenoff for our annual workshop, the Three Phases of the Goddess.  Finally, here's some pictures from our wonderful weekend with Barbara!
This is the face-drawing diagram she drew for us in class.  The way she added age to the face in layers was really extraordinary.

We spent part of the first day needle-sculpting faces, (as seen above), and we got to color them on Day 2.  Here are just a few of our finished sets of 3:  because, of course, if you are making all three aspects of a goddess, then you need to make 3 of everything!
by Katie
by Jude
by Andrea B. (just a little smaller!)
by Leslie
We also spent the first day sewing curved fabric strips together to piece the bodies.

Altogether a very large group of us got to attend the workshop.  The more, the merrier!

Here you can see our goal -- this is Barbara's original doll.
Three Phases of the Goddess, by Barbara Schoenoff

Sunday, August 11, 2013

No August meeting

Just a reminder -- there is no regular club meeting this month!  If you are signed up for Barbara's 'Three Phases of the Goddess' workshop and need driving info, please read the August Directions tab above, or check the newsletter.
Now back to sewing arms and heads!!