Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The new year, and what dollmakers search for.

To start our blog off right in 2013, I have updated the list of Meeting Topics (in the tab at the top of the page) so that everyone can see what we are doing this year.  What are we doing, you ask?  Well, we are going to create step-by-step progressive dolls, by learning one new aspect of dollmaking at each meeting this year.

In January, we will start by drawing our own pattern for a doll body.  As the year progresses, so will the doll, and each month we'll add to it.  By the fall, we should each have a finished doll, ready to display at our next annual show.  We hope that our new members will enjoy the classes, and that our veteran members will enjoy presenting them.

Now, since that announcement by itself does not create a very long post, I thought I'd share some of the behind-the-scenes geekery of managing a club blog, by sharing the search terms other dollmakers have used to find our site.  Maybe it's the library employee in me, but I like to know what knowledge other people are seeking.

This week, people found our site by searching for:
Gail Wilson, Leslie Molen, bead-jointed dolls, cloth fairies, Annie Hesse, and felt wee folk.

Back in October, a sample week included:
Cyndi Mahlstadt, Cindee Moyer, doll makers in Indiana, charity dolls, and Santa Claus patterns.

Here's a week from November:
old Befana doll, felt fairy pattern, sculpting needles, 'doll with clay face from the 1930s', and Artistic Figures in Cloth and Clay.

Of course, every once in a while, people find us by searching for our name!

Also, welcome to all of our international visitors!  This week alone we've been visited by artists in Greece, Russia, the United Kingdom, China, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Spain, and Ukraine.  We would love it if you left a comment or decided to 'follow' our blog.