Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 2013 - Progressive doll faces

Last month we learned about drawing faces, so this month some of the progressive dolls came in with their new faces.  Below is Julie G.'s doll, with a definite nod to Christine Shively's style.
And, here is her body so far -- you can see that the clown face coordiates very well with her harlequin stockings.
Here's another face and body combo, although Leslie decided that the first head was a little large for the body; she made a new head in a smaller scale, with features yet to come.
Our next face is not on cloth at all, but is Katie's sculpted clay head, now with painted features.  Katie has been taking Deb Wood's online sculpting class from the A for Artistic website.
And this is the lovely body that the clay head will go on.  Katie has designed an original cloth body in proportion to the head, and is creating her wardrobe from the skin out.
Please check out the beautiful lingerie, as this might be the last time it is ever seen.  Like all good foundation garments, this underwear will be appreciated only by the wearer.
Now, from the supremely realistic to the slightly more abstract form... Meet Martha's little 'Bug' doll, from Tilda's book 'Spring Ideas'.  (Tilda's new book 'Fairy Tale Wonderland' is pretty cute, too!)
Even more abstract: Leslie's new name tag pin doll, comprised of her initials L-W.
Moving back toward the traditional, cuddly doll: new member Maggie brought one of her angels, all in textured cream and pearls.
From huggable to wearable -- Jude brought a decorated sweatshirt, which she embellished with paint, felting, and jewels on top of the printed paisley pattern.
And lastly, back to cuddly, as new member Vicki brought her quilt top in progress, made from charm squares and jelly roll strips.

Believe it or not, even with all of this fabulous show and tell, we did manage to fit in Andrea's lesson on wefted yarn hair, so hopefully next month we'll see some fabulous hairdos, too.