Sunday, October 11, 2015

October Newsletter

Upcoming Meetings

October 17, 2015
Challenge Dolls Due

November 21, 2015
Our 13th Annual Show and Sale

December 19, 2015
Christmas party

Member Birthdays

 Barbara, we hope you have a happy Birthday!

Martha's Tana Australian Challenge and a handmade lunch box.

October Meeting Minutes

Members present:  Virginia, Suellen, Andrea, Mary, Nita, Vicki, Janet, Kathryn, Ron, Julie G, Martha, Jude, Katie, Julie W, Joan, Erin and Maggie.

Virginia's Jeanie B

Show and Tell

Coming Soon

Sue's Jeanie B

Business Meeting

The Show and Sale Committee came up with the following guidelines.  These are similar to past years, but we are in a new location and need to be organized.

1.       The new location for the 2015 Show and Sell will be the Methodist Church in Irvington.
2.       The show date is November 21, 2915, from 10am – 5pm.
3.       One or two of the committee members will need to meet at the church to come up with a plan for table placement. We will also need to finalize with the church the exact hours we will be there on Friday afternoon and all day Saturday.
4.       There will be a one member  in charge of the Challenge Doll event.
5.       There will be a signup sheet for tables for the show at the September and October meetings.
6.       Table fee - $10, for a full table or a half table. Payment made to the Treasurer.
7.       There will be an additional $10 fee for space needed beyond the size of one 8’ table.
8.       The committee will number the tables, place the tables and assign the tables.
9.       We will set up on Friday afternoon starting at 3:00 pm, and Saturday morning before 10 am.
10.   There will be a separate table or tables set aside for 2015 Challenge Dolls only.
11.   The Challenge Doll chairperson will be responsible for the placement of the Challenge Dolls.
12.   There will a separate display table/tables set aside for dolls from the 2015 workshop, for member’s dolls made in 2015 and for dolls that have never been in the show before.  All other dolls will be located at the member’s table. Member’s dolls on display table may be for sale.
13.   We will need new signs because of the new location. And we will need posters for the local stores, postcards and bookmarks to take to quilt shops and galleries.

14.    Break down will start at 5 pm.

Vicki's cool yarn

The next Threads of Time retreat is November 7th & 8th.  There is still time to discuss an event there next year, possibly just a challenge and a small show.  Visit Threads and Beds to book your spot at the retreat.

Janet's hummingbird

We need to fill some of the board positions for 2016.  The slate of officers is as follows:
President: Andrea
Vice President - ?
Secretary - ? (Julie W and Ann C might be interested)
Treasurer - Jude
Publicity - Katie
Show and Sale Committee
If you are interested in Vice President of Secretary, please let us know.  The Vice President organizes the workshops. The Secretary takes notes and sends out the newsletter.

Artist Trading Cards
After the business meeting, we had a fun game to swap Artist Trading Cards.  Thanks to Sue and Virginia for putting the quiz show together!

Quiz Show

Next Meeting

Please bring some small-ish dolls for a display at the library to advertise for the Show and Sale.

The Leather and Lace Challenge Doll is due at the October meeting.  I can't wait to see all the interpretations on this theme.  
If you are entering a doll in the challenge, bring an anonymous label with the doll's name, pattern (if applicable), a description of the doll and any story she has or techniques and materials you used.

The Anya Homework

Upcoming Challenges

Leather and Lace- Due at the October meeting, make a cloth doll that includes the materials leather and lace in some way.  No restrictions on size or theme.

Fantasy Face Pin Doll - Make a pin doll of a Face that tells a story.  Due at the May, 2016 joint meeting with the Rivercity Figurative Artist's Guild. 

October Checklist

  • Nametag
  • Challenge Doll and Anonymous Label
  • Doll for Library Display in November