Sunday, October 12, 2014

October Newsletter

Sue's Lettice rag doll

Upcoming Meetings  

October 18- Puppets by Erin
November 15- Challenge Doll Reveal
November 22- Annual Show and Sale
December 20- Annual Christmas Party

Members Birthdays

Have Booo-tiful Birthdays Brenda and Barbara S!

September Meeting Minutes

Members present: Erin, Jude, Leslie, Sue, Janet L, Joan Webb, Katie Jones, Andrea, Mary, Ron, Julie, Ann C, Vicki, Brenda, Maggie, and Julie W.
Steampunk Stanley by Sue
Show and Tell

Sue had a wonderful showing at the Ohio State Fair with two 2nd place wins, four 1st place, and one Best in Show!  Congratulations, what an amazing feat!  She brought three of the dolls to show us. The first is Lettice (1st place), a veggie themed rag doll from a Barbara Schoenoff pattern.  Stanley is a sculpted steampunk doll, and he won 2nd place in the steam punk category.  Then Best in Show was Archival Aardvark, a creative steampunk aardvark.

Janet L made her first doll, a lovely little nametag.  Great job on something some of us took years to make!  She also has finished her first head, a fairy from a Jan Horrox book.  We are so impressed with our new member.
Leslie's teeny fingers
Joan had a great achievement as well.  She received the Best 3D work award for her art book Pain at the Artistry in Fiber show.  Congrats! 

Brenda has been hard at work making purses to sell at a few different art shows.  She has come up with some cute combos, I'm sure they will sell fast.

Andrea took a trip to Scandinavia and Russia, and brought back a lucet and a Swedish Ribbon weaving loom. Can't wait to see the little trims she learns to make with these cool tools!
Julie's Bridget
Vicki made some cute little house pin cushions.  She embroidered the little details and crafty words on them. Wonderful little houses!

Julie G finished her Bridget doll from our Lucy Landry class.  She has an eclectic mix of fabrics, including a jacket made with fabric that Joan hand-dyed. Everyone also loved her hair poof.

Leslie was inspired by Julie's ATC program, and started to combine her love of zentangle with the ATC. This inspired her challenge piece as well, drawing some leaves that could be used in a fairy house or costume.  She is determined to create tiny cloth fingers for this fairy challenge, and came up with a technique of sewing the hands wrong sides together and gluing and clipping the raw edges. 
Leslie's zentangle leaves
Business Meeting

Erin is working on making the blog printable, is it working? Hopefully you can see a Print It button at the bottom of the post. Katie ordered a banner with our name and logo for the booth at the One Stop Shop Hop.  She also handed out more book marks for the November Show and Sale.  You should have received an email with a pdf flyer for the Show and Sale.  Forward that to anyone you'd like to invite to the show.  We will have postcards to mail at the next meeting.

Progress on Bonnie's doll
The Gathering of Artists will be going on down the street from the library November 21st and 22nd (same Saturday as our Show and Sale). Julie will be selling some items at the event, and anyone else is welcome to as well. 
Sue's Archival
Registration for AFICC in April of 2015 has begun!  The Jean Bernard classes have already filled up, so time is of the essence!  We are fortunate to have Cyndy Sieving visiting our October Meeting with some of the dolls that will be taught at AFICC.  What an opportunity to see the dolls up close and personal. 

We are creating a group doll display for AFICC of a bar scene. Virginia has access to lots of spools that would make perfect stools for the bar, and Sue has volunteered her husband to make the bar.  Thanks Odell family!  So we just need you to create a 16- 18" barfly by March of 2015 (or April if you're going to AFICC).  We have also decided to see if we can demonstrate Artist Trading Cards at the Ice Cream Social on Saturday Night. Julie G will contact Cyndy to volunteer us, but we have done demos in the past so it shouldn't be an issue.
Vicki's pincushions
It's hard to believe that 2014 is almost over, but we have to start planning for next year.  We would like to have our next instructor in August of 2015.  Start thinking about what techniques you want to learn or artist you would like to have.  Also, our slate of 2015 officers is set, with Julie G as President, Andrea as VP, and Maggie as Publicity officer.  We will do a formal vote at our December meeting. Finally, we need to to set our programs for upcoming meetings.  So far Sue has volunteered to do a beading program, and we would like Leslie to teach us her new teeny tiny hand technique.
Andrea's new weaving tools
Odds and Ends

On October 18 & 19th Joan is hosting free lecture/ workshop by Golden Artist Colors at Ivy Tech. The lecture is at 9:30 and the workshop is at 1pm.  More information on introducing the new QoR watercolors and Williamsburg oil paints as well as other Golden products here. There is also a fabric painting class for $100 on Sunday October 19th for anyone interested.  Email Joan to register.
Brenda's tie purses
Andrea won the nametag drawing.  Ann C. added legs to Bonnie's doll, and Julie took her home to continue her progress. 

Wing Demo

Andrea put together a very nice demonstration of a wing making technique (learned from Allison Marano) using organza, wire and glue/ fabric paint.  The result is a very delicate and pretty wing.  Thanks Andrea!
Wing Example with fabric paint

Next Meeting

Erin will be giving a demonstration on hand puppets.  No need to bring anything, unless you've made a hand puppet you'd like to share.  

Janet's First Doll Head

Upcoming Challenges

Fae Folk and Habitat Challenge- Our yearly challenge will be a fairy house and a cloth fairy to live inside. The doll and habitat will be due on November 15, 2014.

2015 AFICC Club display - A Bar Scene- Create a character (around 14-16" tall) that you might meet in a bar or nightclub. You may create just the doll, or you may add a setting of your own, like a corner booth or bit of dance floor. We'll display them together at AFICC in Columbus, Ohio, in April of 2015.

Wing example with stitches
2015 Paint Chip Challenge- Choose a paint chip with coordinating colors and make a doll that includes those colors. This will be due at our next joint meeting with River City in May of 2015. If you haven’t received a chip, you can get one from Andrea or find one you like at your hardware store.

2015 Australian Fabric Challenge- Choose a fabric from Threads of
Time’s Australian collection to use in a doll. Doll is due in Danville, IL on September 19th, 2015. There will be a People’s Choice award.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Central Library Display

Andrea, Jude and Katie organized a beautiful display of our dolls at the Indianapolis Central Library.

If you haven't gotten enough of our dolls, visit the library for a good exhibit of our talent!  Thanks ladies!

40 E. St. Clair St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204