Friday, November 26, 2010

Display table of 2010 show, 2nd half

We'll continue our walk around the display table...
The end of the table features a Jane Austen doll (pattern by Gail Wilson) made by Julie G., as well as Morris the Butterfly Dancer (pattern by Babara Schoenoff) made by Andrea and an original doll from Nita, among others.
Must be time for a break -- the dolls are all sitting down!  We'll fill in more class doll descriptions in a later post.

More lovely groupings of various class dolls

A closeup of the end of our circuit, featuring several of Katie's dolls, and an original doll, Leilani by Mary.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Display table of 2010 show, 1st half

Here is the first group of amazing dolls on display at the Indy Cloth Dollmakers 8th Annual Art Doll Show and Sale.

When you walked into the library auditorium, this is what you saw!

Harlequin and Columbine, made by Ann C., based on a Mary Tressler pattern
Here is last year's People's Choice by Leslie (original), and a Pam Grose gargoyle by Julie G.

Also by Ann C., a wooden 'antique' doll, from a pattern in a 1950's magazine

Walking around the table, you find the GwynnEllen fairy class dolls
After the fairies were 4 dolls from last May's Herb Challenge

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Setting up for the big show!

Our Doll Show was a great success!  Lots of dolls were displayed, lots of people came, and lots of art appreciation happened!  But before any of that, there was a lot of work involved in the set up.

Tables and chairs

Need to remember this configuation for next year!

Finally, some dolls!

Starting to fill up nicely now...

How did that go together again?

Lots of helpful advice!

Since the blogger took a gazillion pictures, we'll have to see the show itself spread out over a couple of days.  Check back soon to see more.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Library Display Case

Today we set up a small but impressive "Show and Sale Preview" in the display case at the Irvington Library.  Club members brought in some of their taller dolls to show off, and they make a big impact.

Leslie's 'Matra', last year's People's Choice Winner

Some Julie G. dolls, at least one from a Pam Grose class


a new fairy and a White-on-White challenge doll

Some 'previous' dolls from Julie G. and Andrea perch atop the right-hand side
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