Friday, August 27, 2010

Our day at Walk in the Park

We had a wonderful time at Walk in the Park -- it was NOT 98 degrees this year and it only rained for those couple of minutes (a brief but very exciting few minutes!).  People did buy some dolls, too, so our economy seems to be slowly returning to normal.
Here's our tent, complete with our club logo sign that Leslie rescued from her house flood two years ago.  I love our sign, but maybe we also need a banner to go across the front edge of the tent -- what do you think???

Of course, sales are only a part of why we do this art fair. We also get to talk to people about our club and our dolls, especially the classes we get to take.

For example, here's a doll from our Dancine class with Fran Parrigan Meehan, a Candlestick Diva by Arley Berryhill, and a Pop Up Puppet by Kathryn Walmsley, all made by our very own Julie G.

Here are some tassel dolls made by Katie and Jude in (and after) a class with Cyndi Mahlstadt.

And our 'display corner' has another Dancine, a Morris doll made by Andrea in a Barbara Schoenoff class, and Martha's Duchess doll made in Adele Sciortino's class, just to name a few.

All of the best pictures from the day are in the new slideshow over in the right hand sidebar - try it out!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Katie's new blog!

Our prodigiously productive member Katie has started her very own blog!  It is already gorgeous, with a great banner featuring some of her beautiful doll faces, so go check it out.