Sunday, December 16, 2012

Who are the dolls in our new blog banner?

You may have noticed that we have a new banner at the top of our blog.  Here you will find a full picture of each doll, along with credit to the dollmakers and the pattern designers.
A collection of faces, made by members of the doll club.
The first face belongs to this doll, made for our Fassett Fabric Challenge in 2011.  Ann C. made this doll, using a Patti Culea pattern from the book Creative Cloth Doll Beading.  It is a beautiful example of the 'standard' needle-sculpted cloth face, with features colored by colored pencils, permanent markers, and acrylic paint.
Greater-Crested Ruby-Throated Dream Chaser,
made by Ann C. from a Patti Culea pattern
The second face in the banner was made in our Spring 2012 workshop with Leslie MolenKatie created this cloth-over-cloth face with inset eyes, and used a fantastic beaded fabric for the hat to set it off.  Here is the post about our class.
Princess Chun Woo, made by Katie in a workshop with Leslie Molen
The only male face in the banner is also needle-sculpted cloth.  Mary started this doll in our 2006 Elven King workshop with Judy Skeel.  Due to his strong nose and rather imperious expression, he ended up with a definite resemblance to the Harry Potter character Lucius Malfoy.
Lucius, made by Mary M. in a workshop with Judy Skeel
The center face in the banner was made by Ann R. in our 2011 workshop with Annie Hesse.  This is an in-progress picture taken during the workshop itself, but the doll did eventually get arms!  The fully-beaded face is a departure from our usual cloth faces, but was an awesome technique to learn.
Garden Party doll, made by Ann R. in a workshop with Annie Hesse.
The next picture is an example of cloth-over-clay construction.  The face was sculpted out of clay first, and then covered with fabric and colored.  Nita made this lovely doll during a workshop taught by our very own Leslie W.
GwynnEllen, made by Nita in a workshop with Leslie W.
The next-to-last photo in the banner is an old-fashioned embroidered face, sewn by Julie G. for a Gail Wilson doll.  Julie got to take a class with Gail in the spring of 2010, and made this adorable Lottie doll.  Gail is quite the queen of old-fashioned dollies, so we had to include one of her designs here.

Lottie, made by Julie G. in a class with Gail Wilson
The last doll was made by Andrea B., in a 2004 workshop with Christine Shively.  Our club has invited Christine to teach more than once, because her faces are so much fun to color.  This workshop included both The Countess doll and The Extraordinary Chair.  The flat face was colored using Prismacolor pencils, acrylic paint, and a fine-line Micron pen.
Gothic Princess, made by Andrea in a workshop with Christine Shively