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September 2018 Newsletter

September 2018 Newsletter

Upcoming Meetings
September 15 - Joan - Make a portable cutting mat
October 20 - 2018 Challenge Doll Judging
November 17 - Annual Show and Sale
December 15 - Annual Christmas Party and needlebook exchange

Member Birthdays
Happy September birthday to Mary, Kathryn, and Denise!  You all deserve your special day!

Meeting Minutes
There were twenty  present at our August meeting:  Maggie, Martha, Joan, Elena, Leslie, Katie, Jude, Denise, Virginia, Sue, Andrea, Vicki, Cindy, Julie W., Julie G., Kathryn, Janet, Ron and Ann C.  Also attending was Katie's guest, Chloe, who is her granddaughter ( a future dollmaker, creative sewist perhaps???)  Great to have you, Chloe!

Show and Tell
Denise brought "Countess celebrates her 21st Birthday" a fabulous doll with lots of detail.  She also brought her "Hemit Shellfae" sculpted from polymer clay.  Dawn Schiller has classes online for this interesting sculpture.  Great job, Denise!
Denise's, Shellfae
Denise's Countess

Joan shared more of her talents in bookmaking from classes she has taken at Heron and Ivy Tech.  Her book "Doors" opens out to show pictures of her trip to Cozumel, Puerto Rico, Istanbul and other points of interest. She showed us a puzzle book with an Istanbul theme and a jelly print book "The Matter of Art".  These books are fascinating and well done.  Thanks for sharing, Joan!
Joan's Doors Book
Joan's Doors Book open

Joan's "The Matter of Art"
Joan's Istanbul puzzle book

Martha told us about a quilt she entered in the Indiana State Fair.

Leslie finished a faery from Barbara Schoenoff's class. She used inktense pencils which gave a beautiful and colorful look to the doll.  A wonderful technique to share with us, Leslie!  She also shared a beaded shadowbox creation.
Leslie's Inktense Faery
Leslie's shadowbox

Elena had also entered the state fair and received a blue ribbon and an honorable mention.  She showed a picture of "Ariel" a clay sculpted doll she had made for her neighbor's granddaughter.  (Lucky Girl!)
Elena's Ariel

Julie G. brought "Belle" a test doll designed by Barbara Schoenoff.

Julie G.'s Belle

Sue proudly shared several dolls:  "Fleur" from a pattern by Barbara Schoenoff for which she got a second place ribbon at The Ohio State Fair, "Butterfly" from Lucy Landry's Brigette pattern for which she got a blue ribbon at The Ohio State Fair, "Margo" another blue ribbon winner, and "June Bride" a red ribbon doll.  Congratulations on your accomplishments, Sue!  She also shared a puppet she bought at GenCon where she met the voice of Kermit the Frog!
Sue's Fleur
Sue's Butterfly

Sue's Margo
Sue's June Bride

Sue's Gen Con puppet

Virginia shared a cute doll from a pattern she found on Etsy with an interesting head attachment, a doll named "Smoke", her Fleur doll from Barbara Schoenoff's pattern, her "Beastie" doll from the May challenge, and a dragon she made.  She also attended Gen Con and purchased a puppet.
Virginia's Smoke
Virginia's etsy doll

Virginia's Fleur
Virginia's Beastie

Virginia's Dragon
Virginia's puppet

Business Meeting
Katie is working  with Carmel Monthly magazine on doing an article on our doll club with an interview from a club member who lives in the area.
We discussed Marla Niederer's Mermaid Doll Class and possibly having a pitch in dinner on Saturday evening and working as late as we want at the library.  Virginia volunteered to be in charge of the dinner (Thank you, Virginia!).  Julie G. invited participants to her home for a cocktail party for Marla on Friday evening before the weekend of classes so she could meet everyone and suggested bringing any doll creations we would like to share with Marla.

Round Robin/Brown Bag dolls were exchanged.  The final exchange will be at the October meeting when the original creator will receive her completed doll with all it's embellishments. 

AFICC is now open for registration.  It runs from April 25 to April 28, 2019.  This will be a fun and exciting event.  Two of our own members will be teaching there this year!  Suellen Odell will be teaching three one day classes on three different dolls:  Darling Dot, Sweet Bunny, and Kitty Kat.  Barbara Schoenoff will teach a one day class for her Victorian Mermaid, and a two day class for her Fleur. You are encouraged to visit for all the details and to register.  This event only occurs every two years so you don't want to miss it!

Our August program was presented by Denise on Making a Journal.  Members created their own journals following Denise's excellent instruction.  We were amazed at our own creative journals at the end of the program.  Denise generously sent us a detailed Tutorial by email.  She put a lot of time in doing so and we want you to know, Denise, how much we appreciate what you did.  These journals are fabulous and no doubt our members will be making more of them thanks to you!
Denise Journal Demo
Completed Member Journals

Next Meeting
Our September meeting is on the 15th.  Joan will give us instruction on making a folding cutting board.  This will be a demonstration and she plans to have a handout for us. 

Upcoming Challenges and Events
Sept. 29-30 - Marla Niederer class
Oct. 12-14 - Retreat weekend at Threads of Time in Danville, IL
Oct. 20 -  Challenge Judging - "Growing Old Outrageously"
Nov. 17 - Show and Sale

If anyone has questions about our doll club or would like to contact us, please email our club at

September Check List
  • Nametag
  • Show and Tell