Friday, June 28, 2013

June continued, with vintage doll finds and a costuming lesson

Club members Leslie and Rebecca enjoy hunting for dolls at yard sales and Goodwill, and have made some good finds recently.  This lovely doll was made by Rhonda Smith in 1982, according to the signature.  She is about 24 inches tall, with a sweet face, dark hair, and lavish skirts with a hand-embroidered cross-stitch border all around.
Leslie's next find is a vintage Joan Anglund Sailor Girl Pocket Doll, probably from the late 1960s.
Below, you can see that she still has the original sticker on the middy blouse of her sailor costume.
Rebecca made the next discovery -- a Cabbage Patch Holiday Baby doll, still in the box.  Not vintage yet...
Sandy shared a photo book, printed from the Nativity exhibit she participated in last December with the Scottsburg United Methodist Church.

The photos made it easy to envision the hall filled-to-bursting with all of the beautiful Christmas figures on display.

After show-and-tell, Katie taught a costume program.  Few (if any) of our progressive dolls will ever be dressed quite this well, but we learned a lot about how to alter a pattern to get different effects.

These are the dolls that Katie used to enter in Tonner doll competitions, before she realized that she wanted to create the dolls as well as their clothing!

Below you'll see some original fashion illustrations for the bride doll.

In July -- a short lesson on shoes!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 2013 show and tell, part one.

First up for show-and-tell today is our new member, Angie Fisher.  She has created stunning pin dolls of Hollywood starlets Josephine Baker and Clara Bow.

The faces are needle-sculpted on doe suede and colored with markers.; then they're costumed and embellished.

Angie's other doll was meant for the Alice in Wonderland Challenge in May.  She is a graceful dancer in a playing card costume.  Her body pattern is from a Patti Culea book.

Our next show-and-tell item is a not-exactly-small pindoll, made by Leslie, from an elinor peace baily pattern: Heather, the Girl in the Swing.

Nita made the next little fairy.  Every so often she just brings in the cutest, colorful little dollies!

Martha's still making little Tilda dollies, and selling them in her shop.

Martha also happened to be June's birthday baby.  This is her pile of birthday presents :-)

Below is a doll made by first-time club visitor M. J.  Your blogger did not write down the designer, but will work on finding out...


This isn't even all of show-and-tell for this meeting, plus we had a great program presented in the second half!  Check back soon for the rest of the story.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

May Luncheon

Here's a (very) brief recap of the lovely luncheon with our friends in the RiverCity Figurative Artists' Guild.

The challenge theme this year was 'Alice in Wonderland'.  Alice herself, both tall and small, was the star of the show, although there were several Queens, a couple of Hatters, and a Humpty Dumpty to keep her company.

There was even a tea party, complete with dormouse.

Of course, we always bring lots of show and tell,

because it is so much fun so see what the other club has been working on.

Also, presents.  Don't forget the goodie bags!

Much fun was had by all -- before, during, and after lunch.

Thanks to Sandy for arranging the classy digs at the historic Gallery 115 in her hometown of Madison.