Sunday, May 12, 2019

May 2019 Newsletter

May 2019 Newsletter

Upcoming Meetings
May 18 - Cincinnati Road Trip
June 15 - Hands, cage doll challenge due 
July 20 -Drawing and Sculpting a Doll Face
August 17 - Doll Hair and Simple Doll Costuming
September 14 - Doll embellishments, wings, etc.
October 19 - 2019 Challenge Doll Judging of Ethnic/International Doll
November 16 - Reveal of Patti Culea Doll
December 14 - Annual Christmas Party
Please note:  This agenda is tentative and subject to change

Member Birthdays
May Birthday Wishes go out to Janet and Virginia.  Hope the sun shines on you on your special day!

Meeting Minutes
Present at our April meeting were Ann C., Ann R., Denise, Andrea, Julie W., Jude, Julie G., Ron G., Katie, Elena, and Joan.

Elena started off Show and Tell with an angel wall doll made from paper mache'. She is fabulous, Elena!
Elena's Angel

Joan had just returned from a trip to Pakistan and showed us some wonderful hand work pieces she had brought back.

Andrea had been to a week long workshop at John C. Campbell Folk School at which she constructed not one but two kaleidoscopes.  Amazing workmanship, Andrea!

Katie has done a facebook page for our club.  Look for it at "Indy Cloth Dollmakers".  We will be posting pictures of dolls members have made, events and highlights of our club.  If you have a picture of a doll you would like posted, let one of the board members know and we will do that for you.
Andrea has requested suggestions for a local charity to support.  Please contact Andrea by the June meeting at which time we will vote for one.
Sue will be teaching at our fall workshop on August 31 and September 1.  Patterns will be available upon payment for the class.
Some members were going to AFICC and we are looking forward to see and hear what all they did.  Since our May meeting is a road trip we will have to wait until June to hear all about it.

Our April program was stuffing, closing openings, and jointing our Patti Culea dolls.  Andrea led us with some great techniques and samples.  She also gave us a handout on sizing of hands for our dolls.  Something to consider when we do hands at the June meeting.
Andrea's joint sample

Andrea's joint sample

Next Meeting
 Our next club meeting is May 18 on which day we will be making a road trip to Cincinnati.  There will be no show and tell or cage doll challenge that day, just eating and shopping!

Upcoming Challenges and Events
May 18, 2019 -  Road Trip to Cincinnati
June 15, 2019 -  Cage Doll challenge
August 31 - September 1 Class with Sue O'Dell
October 19 - 2019 Challenge Doll Judging of Ethnic/International Doll
November 23, 2019 - 17th Annual Holiday Art Fair and  Art Doll Show

May Meeting Checklist

  • Lunch money
  •  Shopping money