Saturday, January 8, 2022

January 2022 Newsletter

  Upcoming Meetings

January 15, 2022 - Zoom meeting How to Make Boots Video
February 19,2022 - Ribbon Rose Ann Chulk
March 19, 2022 Feet Katie Jones
April 16, 2022 - Electric lights  Barbara Shoenoff and Joan Webb
May 21, 2022 - Fiber Show in  Greenfield
June 18, 2022 - Glass Eyes Kathryn Walmsley
July 16, 2022 - TBA
August 20, 2022 - TBA
September 17, 2022 - TBA
October 22, 2022 - TBA
November 19, 2022 - TBA
November 26, 2022 Show and Sale
December 17, 2022 - Christmas Party and Gift Exchange

Member Birthdays
January   Joan Webb

December 2021 Meeting Minutes

Attendees:  Martha Junglaus, Katie Jones, Ann Chulk, Mary McNeely, Leslie Wright, Ann Reddick, Ron Gausvik, Julie Gausvik, Kathryn Walmsley, Joan Webb (Name tag winner), Andrea Baughman, and Barbara Shoenoff.

Old Business

Christine Shively Workshop will take place on April 9-10, 2022. Cost and workshop description will be discussed at the January meeting. 

Katie shared that the Facebook page gets quite a bit of activity and requested that members send photos of their work to her to be posted on the page.

The final Show and Sale figures were not available because our treasurer was quarantined and unable to attend the meeting. Those figures will be shared at the January meeting. It was pointed out that we packed up a little before the show's end, and several people came in as we were packing up. In the future, we will not start packing up until the publicized end time of the show. 

The slate of officers was presented for 2022.  A motion was made by Barbara Shoenoff to accept the slate of officers and seconded by Mary McNeely. All were in favor.  The officers for 2022 are:
                        President - Andrea Baughman
                        Vice Presidents - Julie Gausvik, Sue Odell, and Virginia Odell
                        Publicity - Ann Chulk
                        Secretary - Joan Webb
                        Treasurer - Jude Hernly
                        Show and Sale - Maggie Carr

New Business

Katie Jones presented the idea of the doll club collaborating with the members of InFiber to create a Spirit Doll-themed exhibit.  The members present were interested in pursuing this idea.  Katie will discuss this further with the InFiber members at their January 9 meeting and will report back to us at our January meeting. For ideas on Spirit Dolls visit , , .

Fiber Show

The 20 N Gallery in Greenfield will have a fiber show in the gallery in May.  The doll group is invited to participate.  Tables will be provided, the group will provide the boxes and drapes to exhibit our dolls.  The dolls can be the challenge dolls from 2021 and any other dolls we would like to exhibit.  Set up and take down dates will be determined later. Usually, the dates can be flexible but need to be set up by the first Saturday in May.

2022 Programs

Meeting topics were discussed and programs for January - June were mapped out.  See Upcoming Meetings at the top of the newsletter.  July -November still needs to be decided.  Two suggestions included a hat-making class and fairy houses. 

2022 Challenges

Fairy Dolls, Paint Chip Challenge, Seasons, Game of Thrones, Dessert Inspired, Playing Card, Alice in Wonderland, Bird Doll, Come as You Aren't, and Constellations were the ten topics suggested by the members present.  After several vote eliminations, the July Challenge will be Bird Inspired and the November Challenge will be Alice in Wonderland

After the business meeting, members enjoyed the delicious pitch-in foods and some participated in the Black and White gift exchange.

Barabar Schoenoff made this felted cutie

Martha received a tree ornament from
 Ann R

Kathryn Walmsley made this zippered bag;

Ann C. received this pin doll from Andrea

Joan received this doll from Leslie

Barbara received this bracelet from Ann C.

Kathryn received these gnome
ornaments from Joan
Andrea received this thread catcher
and pincushion from Martha

Upcoming Challenges and Events

January 15, 2022 Zoom Meeting and Boots Video
April 9-10, 2022 Christine Shively Workshop
May 2022 Fiber Exhibit in Greenfield
July 2022 Bird Inspired Challenge
November 2022 Alice in Wonderland Challenge
November 26, 2022 Show and Sale

Next Meeting
Our next meeting will be Saturday, January 15, at 10:00 a.m. by Zoom.  
The Link for the meeting will be sent out on 
Wednesday and Friday (just in case you miss the first one).

Check List for January Meeting

  • Show and Tell
  • Ideas for 2022 programs