Saturday, October 10, 2020

October 2020 Newsletter

 October 2020 Newsletter

Upcoming Meetings
October 17 -  Virtual meeting due to Covid
November 21 -Virtual meeting due to Covid
December 19 -Virtual meeting due to Covid
Please note:  This agenda is tentative and subject to change

Member Birthdays
 Happy October Birthday, Barbara, our one and only this month!

Meeting Minutes

Our September meeting was another virtual Zoom meeting.  Attending were Andrea, Ann C., Julie W., Denise, Maggie, Katie, Virginia, Sue, Kathryn, Jude, and Joan.

Show and Tell
No  Show and Tell this month as we only had one hour to go over what we are doing the next few months.

We discussed the annual challenge which will soon be coming up.  Katie and Julie W. are co-chairing this year's virtual challenge which is a Woman in History Doll inspired by this year's 100th anniversary of the Women's Right to Vote. The entry can be any woman in history that we admire from any country or time in history. Viewers of our blog and Facebook page will be given the opportunity to vote by a link that will be posted on this blog as well as our Facebook page : Andrea is working on getting Survey Monkey set up for the voting which will begin on November 3rd and continue thru November 13th. Pictures will be posted here on this blog and on our Facebook page. Participating members will send pictures of their completed doll to Katie and Julie W. who will post them on our Facebook page and on this blog. These pictures will need to be sent between October 17-20 to allow time for Katie and Julie W. to get them ready to post on Election Day, November 3.  Voting will continue for 10 days (November 13).  Doll's maker will be anonymous until votes are tallied and winners are announced.  The winners will be revealed at our November 21st Zoom meeting.
We will be doing a Christmas gift mail exchange this year.  Any member who wants to participate will create a doll, small quilt, bag, ornament, or any other small gift  you wish to make (no masks - we all have enough!).The theme is "Snow" and the item must be handmade by the participant, not purchased.  You will then mail or deliver your gift to your Holiday Friend.  Participants need to email Sue to let her know you are participating by October 16.  She will then send the participant the name and address of their Secret Holiday Friend by October 23rd. Gifts should be mailed or delivered by December 1st.  We will open the gifts at the December Zoom meeting on December 19th.
   Kathryn Walmsley shared information on her Triplet class.  Jude has been working with her to get PDF's and videos to class members so they can get to work on making their dolls.  Kathryn has done a lot of work to put all this together so class members will have adequate instructions in place of our in person class.  She invites class members to contact her for help on any aspect of the class.  Thank you, Kathryn, so much for all you have done to make this happen!  And thank you, Jude, for being her able bodied virtual assistant!

Upcoming Challenges and Events
Edgar Allen Poe Challenge Doll-postponed for now
Kathryn Walmsley Class 
October 17 -  Woman in History Challenge Doll Due
November 3-13 - Election Day virtual voting for Challenge Doll
November 21, 2020- 18th Annual Holiday Art Fair and  Art Doll Show-cancelled
December -  Christmas mail gift exchange.

Next Meeting
Next meeting is Saturday, October 17  by Zoom at 10:00 a.m,  Invitations will be emailed prior to the meeting.