Sunday, April 14, 2019

April 2019 Newsletter

April 2019 Newsletter

Upcoming Meetings
April 20 - stuffing, closing openings, and different styles of joints for Patti Culea doll
May 18 - Cincinnati Road Trip, cage doll challenge due 
June 15 - Hands
July 20 -Drawing and Sculpting a Doll Face
August 17 - Doll Hair and Simple Doll Costuming
September 14 - Doll embellishments, wings, etc.
October 19 - 2019 Challenge Doll Judging of Ethnic/International Doll
November 16 - Reveal of Patti Culea Doll
December 14 - Annual Christmas Party
Please note:  This agenda is tentative and subject to change

Member Birthdays
Happy Spring Birthday to Katie, Sandy, and Ann R.  Hope you have a bright sun shiny day!

March Meeting Minutes
Sixteen members were present for our March meeting:  Andrea, Joan, Martha, Ann C., Jude, Katie, Denise, Julie G., Kathryn, Vicki, Maggie, Ann R., Julie W., Virginia, Sue, and Cindy.

Show and Tell
Vicki started show and tell with some really cool bookmarks she had made.  Very nice, Vicki!
Vicki's Bookmarks

Kathryn, Julie G., Denise, Sue and Virginia had all taken a class with Indiana Dollmaker Beth Anne Darr which explains their absence at the February meeting.  What a fabulous faery made with a flower pot base, hand dyed materials, dollskin face, and pastel chalks.  Great job ladies!
Beth Anne Darr Dolls made by Kathryn, Julie G., Denise, Sue and Virginia

Julie G. showed us her tiny doll she has made.  How sweet!
Julie G.'s tiny doll

Martha completed a doll made from Jill Maas' Lizzie pattern.  What a lovely lady!
Martha's Jill Maas doll

Sue also shared her birthday gifts, a bunny and a Russian cat doll.  Not only that, she completed two Dastardly Owls from a pattern by Ann Wood.
Sue's Dastardly Owls
Sue's birthday gifts

Virginia shared a doll she purchased from the Ukraine as well as samples of two dolls made from kits that will be available at AFICC in April.
Virginia's Ukraine Doll
Virginia's kit dolls

Andrea brought in many books and patterns that had been gifted to our club for members to have.  These are all greatly appreciated.   A big thank you to the donors, Edie Gentile in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Todd Daniels-Howell, the husband of Ellen who was a former member who very unfortunately has passed away.

Katie has been working on publicity for our club.  A Facebook group is being considered.  She also has requested members to provide her with some good close-up face pictures of dolls that could be added to the banner that appears on our business cards and at the top of our blog.
Maggie has been working on guidelines for our Show and Sale.  Members need to sign up for tables by our September meeting.  It was proposed to rename our Show and Sale as a Holiday Art Fair and  Art Doll Show as "we're more than just dolls"!  
We will be having holiday inspired items for sale at the show.  The money made from those items will be donated to charity.  These items could be ornaments, dolls or doll clothes, pincushions or any other personally hand crafted item made by  a member.  The charity has yet to be decided for this year..  
Our program for March was putting together kits for AFICC (Artistic Figures in Cloth & Clay ) coming up April 25-28, 2019. Teamwork made this go very quickly.  Thank you everyone for helping!  These kits will be perfect for promoting our club at AFICC.
Kits in Progress
More kits for AFICC

Next Meeting
Our next meeting is Saturday, April 20.  For our program we will cover stuffing, closing openings, and different styles of joints for our Patti Culea doll which there wasn't time to do at the March meeting.   Andrea will lead the group in a discussion of these techniques.  The May meeting is a road trip to Cincinnati, so the next techniques will be at the June meeting at which time we plan to make our hands.  AFICC is coming very soon (April 25-28).  If you are not going to AFICC but have display dolls (challenge dolls or other dolls you have made in the last year or so) please bring them and members who are going will take them for you.

Upcoming Challenges and Events
April 25-28, 2019 - AFICC in Columbus, Ohio
May 18, 2019 - May Challenge "Cage Doll" and Road Trip to Cincinnati
October 19 - 2019 Challenge Doll Judging of Ethnic/International Doll
November 23, 2019 - 17th Annual Holiday Art Fair and  Art Doll Show

April Checklist

  • Nametag
  •  Display Dolls for AFICC
  •  Sewn and stuffed doll body, legs, and arms (not sewn closed)