Sunday, June 14, 2015

June Newsletter

Upcoming Meetings

June 20, 2015
Eyelash Tutorial - Erin

July 18, 2015
Zentangle - Janet

August 15, 2015
Tiny Hands- Leslie

September 19, 2015
ATC Trading Swap- Make 1 Artist Trading Card to swap

Member Birthdays

 Many warm wishes to Martha, Dimple and Ron on their birthdays!

Former Member Angie's pin doll is a great example of  a character pin doll.

May Meeting

We had our joint meeting with the River City group which was fun as always.  We'll have a separate post with that meeting's shenanigans. 

River City challenged us to create Fantasy Face Pin dolls for next year's meeting.  The challenge is to create a pin doll of an expressive character's face that tells its' own story.  They gave us a pattern which we'll pass out at the next meeting.

We have our doll show at Threads of Time in Danville, IL coming up soon!  It is July 25th (the week after our July meeting). If you will not be able to attend the retreat, or the Saturday Doll Show, please bring dolls to display to the June meeting, or prepare to send them with another doll maker. Please include a display tag with your name, the doll's name and pattern designer.

Pin Doll by Angela Jarecki,

Next Meeting

We'll be back at the library on June 20th, ready to share our newest creations.  

If you have made any more charity dolls, please bring them to the June meeting or contact Erin to coordinate a drop-off.  She will be taking the charity dolls to the Children's Bureau to share with children in need.

We will also have a presentation by Erin on making your own eyelashes and eyelids.  If you have a favorite method, feel free to bring an example.

This Barbara Willis face would make a great pin doll

Upcoming Challenges

2015 Australian Fabric Challenge- Choose a fabric from Threads of Time’s Australian collection to use in a doll. Doll is due in Danville, IL in July of 2015. There will be a People’s Choice award.

Leather and Lace- Due at the October meeting, make a cloth doll that includes the materials leather and lace in some way.  No restrictions on size or theme.

Fantasy Face Pin Doll - Make a pin doll of a Face that tells a story.  Due at the May, 2016 joint meeting with the Rivercity Figurative Artist's Guild. 

June Checklist

  • Nametag
  • Charity Dolls
  • Dolls for Danville Show and Sale
  • Eyelash examples