Friday, December 12, 2014

December Newsletter

Upcoming Meetings

December 20- Annual Christmas Party
January 17- Swap Meet
February 21- Charity Doll Assembly Line

Julie G's Midnight in the Garden

Member Birthdays

 We have lots of December Girls in our club.  Maybe that should be Barbara's next pattern...  Happy birthday to Ann C, Jude, Janet K, Sue, and Leslie!

Katie's Petal

November Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Erin, Julie G, Ron, Julie W, Mary M, Janet L, Vicki, Ann C, Maggie, Sue, Virginia, Katie, Jude, Leslie, Andrea, Mary Jane

Janet's Zentangle mug

Show and Tell

We of course started with the Fae and Habitat challenge dolls, which have their own post here. Go back and see the wonderful entries into this year's challenge.

Maggie's name tag and the Hoffman challenge fabric

Janet made black and white birds to sell at the Show and Sale, and also had a beautiful mug made of one of her zentangle doodles.  Andrea brought a gift from her Scandanavia trip for Mary: a cute little troll, and not one of the 80's dolls.

Maggie made her name tag pin doll, she is adorable!

Mary's troll from Norway

Katie had books, patterns and magazines to turn in to a lending library.  If you borrow one, read it and bring it back to the next meeting to share with others.

Andrea's Bookmobile- The fairy is out!
Thanks to Sue, we got to see the 2015 Hoffman Challenge fabric! Very interesting, I see some nice pieces that can be used in a doll costume.  There is also a secondary challenge in 2015 to include Aurifil thread in your Hoffman piece.  Entries are due in July.

Business Meeting

We discussed the logistics of setting up the Show and Sale, which was the following Saturday, then moved on to planning for next year.

The instructors we are reaching out to for 2015 will be:

 Lillian Alberti

Ute Vasina

Angela Jereki

and Dot Luellen.

Consider who you would like to take a class from, depending on their availability of course.

We set the programs for the first few meetings of 2015, starting with a swap meet and then a charity doll assembly day in February.  We have some ideas for the rest of the year, but need to get the schedule set.  If there is something you would like to teach or learn about, don't be afraid to speak up.

Leslie's Scarlet
And, it's my favorite time of year!  When Andrea pulls out her Challenge Doll Idea list and the white board, and we narrow down the theme for next year's challenge.  We had lots of ideas, from Andrea's log as well as ideas thrown out during the meeting.  Ethnic costumes, Bodies in Motion, and Music were just some of the themes.  We voted and narrowed the themes down to:
 Leather and Lace (doll must include leather and lace somehow),
The Dark Side (a dark doll that is a little subversive),
Come As You Aren't (the anti-version of you, your alter ego),
American Historical Costume (any time period in American history),
Fairy Tales (any character from a fairy tale),
Sue's Squishy Bags (Sue-or someone - will put together supplies that everyone has to use in their doll) and
Anime (Japanese cartoon style).

Andrea and THE LIST
We will vote on the final theme at the December meeting.  If you aren't able to attend, email me and I will stuff the ballot box include your vote.

Ann admiring the pared down list.

Odds and Ends
Janet won the name tag drawing, congrats!

We were contacted by The Bartholomew History Center to see if anyone would like to sell dolls at their gift shop in Columbus.  Let me know if you are interested.

Jude's machine embroidered wings

Next Meeting

Our Christmas party is always a great treat. We will have a pitch-in brunch and (optional) gift exchange. Maggie will bring the plates and silverware, and Andrea will provide drinks. Everyone else bring a dish to share.

You may also bring a doll related gift (limit of $20), which you can purchase, gather from your stash, or make. Looking forward to celebrating with everyone!

Julie W's Bonnie and machine embroidered butterfly

Upcoming Challenges

2015 AFICC Club display - A Bar Scene - Create a character (about 14-16 inches tall) that you might meet in a bar or nightclub.  You may create just the doll, or include a setting like a corner booth or a bit of dance floor.  We'll display them together at AFICC in Columbus, OH in April.

2015 Paint Chip Challenge- Choose a paint chip with coordinating colors and make a doll that includes those colors. This will be due at our next joint meeting with River City in May of 2015. If you haven’t received a chip, you can get one from Andrea or find one you like at your hardware store.

2015 Australian Fabric Challenge- Choose a fabric from Threads ofTime’s Australian collection to use in a doll. Doll is due in Danville, IL in June of 2015. There will be a People’s Choice award.

Maggie's Fern

December Checklist

  • Nametag
  • Covered Dish
  • Gift
Virginia's Frost Bites (mooning over Legolas)