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March 2017 Newsletter

March 2017 Newsletter

Upcoming Meetings

March 18- Prep Needle books for AFICC
April 15 - Prep for AFICC Tiaras-Virginia, Tarot Dolls Due
May 20 - Joint meeting with River City Group, Tarot Doll Challenge, Field Trip to Indiana State Museum
June 17 - Katie-Lingerie, Sue's UFO Challenge dolls due
July 15 -  Charity Doll Workshop, Swap meet
August 19 - Kathryn- Dorset button demo
September 16 - Andrea - History of lace
October 21 - 2017 Challenge Doll Judging
November 18 - Annual Show and Sale
December 16 - Annual Christmas Party

Member Birthdays

Happy spring birthday to Julie W., and Colleen!

March Meeting Minutes
Nineteen members were present at the February meeting:  Katie, Mary Jane, Jude, Julie W., Ann R., Vicki, Leslie, Mary, Nita, Ann C., Ron, Julie G., Kathryn, Joan, Andrea, Sue, Denise, Janet, and Jennifer.

Show and Tell
Denise finished her UFO Wood Knots from Allison Marano's AFICC class she took in 2005!  She also brought a head for Allison's the Vernal Muse doll.  Another UFO from a class  Denise took  is Leta Benedict's "Bird Watcher".   Another doll Denise brought was one she did in a class with Akiko.  The detail in this doll is AMAZING!!!
Denise's Wood Knots
Denise's Vernal Muse Head

Denise's Bird Watcher
Denise's Akiko doll

Katie designed a frog pattern for our pattern book expansion (Zoo Edition) and brought her finished Felicity Frog.  She's adorable!
Katie's Felicity Frog

Mary shared that she had gone to the Women's Rally in January in Indianapolis.  It was a very uplifting experience for her and she was so glad she had the opportunity to go.  Thank you Mary for representing those of us who did not attend.

Julie G. completed Gwendolyn, a  UFO from a class she took with Allison Marano.  She also brought "Fleur"  from a class with  Barbara Schoenoff last month.
Julie G.'s Gwendolyn
Julie G.'s Fleur

Kathryn also took the same class and brought in her completed "Fleur".
Kathryn's Fleur

Joan had been on a cruise that took her to Barbados where she hand made her own batik fabric.  These fabrics are absolutely gorgeous, Joan!  She also brought a popup farm she had made.  Very clever!
Joan's Batik fabric
Joan's Batik fabric

Joan's popup farm

Business Meeting
We were all sad to hear that two wonderful dollmakers passed away in February, Gloria "Mimi" Winer and Barb Keeling,  These ladies contributed much to the dollmaking world and will certainly by missed.  Some of us were fortunate enough to have taken classes  or made dolls from the patterns of these ladies which directly impacted how we make our own dolls.  Dollmakers Journey carries some of their patterns.  Denise brought in pictures from our Victoria Rose workshop we took with Mimi in 2000.  Can you pick out our current club members from this picture? (Denise, Leslie, Ann R., and Julie W.)
Mimi Winer's Victoria Rose workshop 2000

Mary Jane told us about some of the things we could see at the Indiana Sate Museum when we go in May, from antique clothing to quilts to antique dolls.  So much to see in one day!

Leslie had done a survey to determine who we might like to have this year as a guest instructor.  Several to choose from and she will begin the process to see who we will be fortunate enough to have teach us.

We have eight participants in the Round Robin/Brown Bag Doll exchange. Sue, Virginia, Denise, Julie W., Leslie, Ann C., Julie G., and Kathryn all brought a bag with a naked doll body to pass on for next month.  For March the recipient will put a face on the doll and do needle sculpting of the face if appropriate.
Here is the schedule we have planned:
Don't forget to take photos and write in the dolls journal!

At the March meeting we will work on needle books for AFICC.  Cut 12 or so  4"x6" pieces of fabric.  With right sides together, sew 1/4" seam all the way around leaving an opening to turn.  Turn right side out and press.  Bring these to the meeting and we will finish one you can keep, the others Sue will take to AFICC for our make and take project.  Bring any trims/embellishments, embroidery floss, etc. you would like. Sue will have the felt for the pages or you can bring your own.  You will also need a basic sewing kit with needles, scissors, etc.  Here are pictures to give you some idea of what we are doing.
Outside of needle book
Inside of needle book
Front cover of needle book

The Indiana State Fair will be coming before we know it.  We discussed entering dolls and ways we might promote our club at the fair.  Andrea volunteered to research the possibilities.

At our April meeting we will be preparing for AFICC.  We would like a display of the Tarot Challenge dolls and a display of our Elements challenge dolls. Those going will wear Tiaras so all will know who is in our club.  Virginia will help us make the Tiaras at the April meeting.  If you are not going to AFICC you could make a doll or child size Tiara.  Sue brought a sample Tiara that Andrea modeled for us.
Andrea modeling Tiara for AFICC

After our business meeting, Andrea presented a demonstration on Needle sculpting Doll Hands.  Andrea is a great teacher.  Her Doll Hands are wonderful.  Thanks Andrea for sharing this technique with us!
Andrea's Hand sculpting
Andrea's Hand sculpting
Andrea's Hand Demo 

Next Meeting
Our next meeting is March 18, 2017  Those in the Round Robin/Brown Bag Doll Exchange will do their exchange and Sue will help us prepare our needle books for AFICC.

Upcoming Challenges and Events
April 15 - Tarot Challenge doll due
April 20-23 - AFICC in Columbus, Ohio
May 20, 2017 - Tarot Challenge with River City
June 17 -  Sue's UFO Challenge
August 28-September 3 - NIADA Nashville, TN
October 21, 2017 -  Picture Book Challenge Doll Judging
November 18, 2014 - Show and Sale, People's Choice selection of the Picture Book Challenge Dolls

If anyone has questions about our doll club or would like to contact us, please email our club at

March Meeting Checklist
  • Name tag
  • Round Robin/Brown Bag Doll
  • Fabric for needle books, sewing kit, embellishments