Sunday, August 12, 2018

August 2018 Newsletter

August 2018 Newsletter

Upcoming Meetings
August 18 - Denise - How to make an awesome journal
September 15 - Joan - Make a portable cutting mat
October 20 - 2018 Challenge Doll Judging
November 17 - Annual Show and Sale
December 15 - Annual Christmas Party and needlebook exchange

Member Birthdays
We have two birthdays this month.  Elena and Andrea are another year older but forever young!
Happy Birthday!

July Meeting Minutes
Sixteen members met in July for a meeting full of fun.  Present were Vicki, Leslie, Ann R., Nita, Ann C., Katie, Jude, Martha, Maggie, Julie W.,  Julie G., Ron, Sue, Virginia, Andrea, and Janet.

Show and Tell
Sue shared a sweet doll she had purchased on etsy and a Unicorn she had made.
Sue's etsy doll
Sue's unicorn

Virginia shared a Goth Doll and an Aardvark named Jenny.
Virginia's Goth Doll
Virginia's Aardvark

Vicki brought her Penguin and Zebra.
Vicki's Penguin
Vicki's Zebra

Nita made an elf made from an Allison Marano pattern at a recent retreat at Threads of Time.
Nita's Allison Marano elf

Jude made a "Nita" doll and brought her Barbara Schoenoff  Faery Doll that she entered in the Indiana State Fair.
Jude's Nita Doll
Jude's Faery Doll

Julie G. shared her Sleeping Mermaid homework she has done for the Marla Niederer workshop in September.
Julie G.'s Mermaid homework

Andrea brought  a troll doll made by Barbara Schoenoff named "Mist" which Andrea had dressed and Barbara's Mountain Girl which Andrea had been given.
Andrea's Barbara Schoenoff Mist
Andrea's Barbara Schoenoff Country Girl

Several people entered the Indiana State Fair this year. Katie, Jude, Elena and Andrea entered dolls and Martha has a quilt she entered.  Be sure and check them out in the Indiana Arts Building.  Do you see all the ribbons!
Elena's entry
Jude's entry

Andrea's entry

Katie's entry

The people who are participating in  the Round Robin/Brown Bag Doll challenge exchanged bags in July.  The next step is to put shoes on their bare little feet and bring them back to the August meeting for the next exchange which will be adding embellishments.  The end comes in October when each of the dolls will be returned to their original creator.  October will be amazing!
Plans for next May's meeting with the Cincinnati Doll group was discussed with a suggestion of a tour of some Cincinnati shops.
Katie passed out bookmarks advertising our November Show and Sale to be distributed around the area.  She will bring postcards to our August meeting.
The November show and sale was discussed and layout of the tables in the room. Plans are for a table for a special display of  some of Barbara Schoenoff's dolls.  That will definitely be something to come to the show and sale to see!

Virginia was our presenter for this month's program.  She makes really fabulous faces on her dolls and generously showed us how we too could do this.  Her techniques and tips and step by step demonstration were excellent.  We each attempted her techniques on doll heads she had made for us.  Everyone's looked a little different as no one can make a doll face quite like Virginia.  Didn't they all come out great?  Well done!
Virginia's example

Member's faces

Next Meeting
Denise will be presenting the August meeting showing us how to make an awesome journal.  This will be a make and take program and Denise will have kits for us so we can all play along with her.
The only optional things for you to bring are:
 (2) - 5x5 inch squares of paper or fabric for the cover 
 (2) - 3.75 x 3.75  inch squares of paper for the inside cover
 - Med sized beads for decorating the tails from sewing the signatures in place.
This journal will be the one like her  Round Robin doll carried during the exchange last year. This will be a fun project for all.

Upcoming Challenges and Events
Sept. 29-30 - Marla Niederer class
Oct. 12-14 - Retreat weekend at Threads of Time in Danville, IL
Oct. 20 -  Challenge Judging - "Growing Old Outrageously"
Nov. 17 - Show and Sale

If anyone has questions about our doll club or would like to contact us, please email our club at

August Check List
  • Nametag
  • Show and Tell
  • Round Robin/Bag Dolls with shoes
  • Items as described above for journal making