Saturday, January 16, 2016

January's demo - sheer fabric hems

The icy weather this morning kept some people home, so in case you couldn't make it to doll club today, here is a short version of the handout I made for our monthly demo.  We practiced two different hand-sewn hems on chiffon, and I collected several tutorial links for four different techniques for finishing sheer or slippery fabrics.  As they say, try this at home! -- Andrea

Hand-rolled hems:
and also this really excellent video:

Shell-stitch hems:
or this one which is sturdier, since it has running stitches between the shells:

Another idea I wanted to try was to do a horsehair braid hem.  Of course, that would be very heavy for such a light fabric, and often far too big for our doll scale.  However, I think the technique could be applied to a sheer wire-edge ribbon to get a similar effect on circle skirts or other skirts where you want that extra volume and movement.

Horsehair braid hems:
or this one, because I like to offer choices:

And lastly, a machine-stitched tiny hem, for those who can't get the stupid rolled-hem foot on their sewing machines to play nice for more than a few inches at a time.

BanRol hems:
You do have to click through the step-by-step pictures above, or check out method #2 in the link below:

Saturday, January 9, 2016

January 2016 Newsletter

Upcoming Meetings

January 16–Andrea will present techniques for finishing edges on fussy fabrics

February 20 -Julie G topic TBD

March 19 -Vicki C Smocking

April 16- Sew-in for Fantasy Face Pin Doll Challenge

May 21-River City Joint Meeting

June 18 - Sue Photography with Mr. Odell and a swap meet

July 16 -Ann R TBD

August 20 - Sue striped fabric manipulation

September 17- Katie TBD

October 15 -Virginia-finger weaving and the Challenge Doll reveal and judging

November 19 - Annual Show and Sale

December 17 - Annual Christmas Party

Member Birthdays

Happy Birthday to Suzanne and Joan.  We hope you have a great year!

December Meeting Minutes

Members present:  Ann C., Virginia, Sue, Mary, Ann R., Leslie, Denise, Jude, Martha, Ron, Julie G., Kathryn, Nita, Janet, Andrea, Maggie, Julie W., and Erin.  We all had a fantastic time at our annual Christmas party with great food, fun games and being with our dollmaker family!

Show and Tell

Kathryn made a wonderful doll of her own design from an old worn out favorite sweater.


Martha has been busy finishing quilts.

Julie G. showed us a doll named “Smile” she purchased from dollmaker Charlie Patricolo who designed and made the doll.  Our club is considering asking her to do a workshop for us.

Janet modeled a repurposed sweater skirt she made from an idea Katie had shown in a previous meeting.  She also showed us a junk fairy she had purchased at a craft show.

Andrea finished a puppet doll named Calliope she adapted from Lucy Landry’s Bridgette pattern as well as her Katriona  made from Angela Jarecki’s Traveler Doll workshop pattern.

Mary showed us a purchase she made at a yard sale.  It was made from a gourd and has great potential for a future doll.

Andrea reminded us all to be sure to give credit to pattern designers whenever a doll has been made from their patterns.  This includes pictures of dolls that are shown online.



Business Meeting

First we want to thank Maggie and her helpers for the great job they did with our November Show and Sale!  The day went well considering the weather and the new site for the show.  Maggie suggested that next year we try to get some muscle men to help with moving the tables!The officers for 2016 were voted upon and accepted as follows:

President – Andrea
Vice-President- Denise        
Secretary- Julie W    
Treasurer- Jude

Publicity- Katie

A special thanks to our outgoing officers Julie G, Erin, and Maggie.  Your dedication to your offices has truly been appreciated.

Programs for 2016 were discussed.  Andrea suggested projects from Colette Wolff’s book “The Art of Fabric Manipulation”.  Projects could include pleating, smocking, all kinds of handwork and embellishing.  She graciously offered to do the January program based on something from the book.The name tag drawing was won by Andrea.  Jude suggested adding some trims to the drawing basket.Sue suggested a UFO Challenge for 2016.  Those interested in the challenge need to bring a work in progress (UFO-unfinished object) to the January or February meeting.  The finished work is to be brought to the March meeting to show for a prize!  So, are you members up to the challenge? Let’s do it!

With the coming of the New Year a new yearly challenge had to be decided upon.  We started with 15 ideas and narrowed it down to 3.  The winner for the 2016 Challenge Theme is “The Elements”.  Your doll must personify or reflect or symbolize an element, or a group of them.  You can choose one of the four elements if you like—Earth, Air, Water or Fire.  You could use the Chinese version of this idea that adds Wood and Stone to the element list.  You could go to the Periodic Table and choose an element like oxygen or platinum to build an idea around.  It doesn’t have to be either of these, you might come up with another concept altogether.  If you have questions or want more clarification or examples, just ask. We will have a critique form and deadline soon so start thinking of ideas and materials to use.

After all the business was attended to it was time to feast and exchange gifts.  Sue and Virginia entertained us with a trivia game with two players playing against each other in order to choose their gift.  What a great time testing our knowledge base!  And there were fabulous gifts with wonderful handmade gifts and lots of fun fabrics and trims and storage containers!

Sue and Virginia also entertained us with a plastic wrap unwrapping game played with the club divided into two teams.  It seems we all were winners!  What fun!  Thanks Sue and Virginia!

Thanks to all our club members for a fantastic 2015!

Next Meeting

Program by Andrea on Fun Fussy Fabric Finishes
Bring a UFO for challenge
REMINDER:  Dues are due!  Please bring a check for $25 payable to Doll Creators to the January meeting or send a check to Jude.

Upcoming Challenges

March 19, 2016 - UFO challenge
May 21, 2016 with River City Dollmakers joint meeting - Fantasy Face Pin Doll - Make a pin doll of face that tells a story
October 15, 2016 Indy Cloth Dollmakers Challenge -The Elements (for Judging)

November 19, 2016 Show and Sale People’s Choice selection of the Challenge Dolls

January Checklist

  • Nametag
  • Dues
  • UFO for challenge
  • Andrea will present Fun Fussy Fabric Finishes (different hemming techniques to use on sheer fabrics).  Please bring a basic sewing kit with needle, pins, and scissors.  Fabric will be provided.