Monday, February 1, 2016

February 2016 Newsletter

Upcoming Meetings
February 20 - Julie G. - Altered Fabric Technique
March 19 - Vicki C. - Smocking
April 9 and 10 - Weekend workshop with Sue Odell.
April 16 - Sew-in for Fantasy Face Pin Doll Challenge
May 21 - River City Joint Meeting
June 18 - Sue - Photography with Mr. Odell and a swap meet
July 16 - Ann R. - TBD
August 20 - Sue - Striped Fabric Manipulation
September 17 - Katie - TBD
October 15 - Virginia - Finger Weaving and the Challenge Doll reveal and judging
November 19 - Annual Show and Sale
December 17 - Annual Christmas Party
 Member Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Julie G. and Liz.  Happy Dollmaking in 2016!
January Meeting Minutes
Travel conditions were not good on our meeting day but the following members safely made it to our meeting:  Julie G., Ron, Vicki, Janet, Erin, Julie W., Andrea, Jude, Ann C., Mary, Leslie, and Maggie.
Show and Tell
Ann C. brought several interesting books including one on making dolls from the 30's or 40's,"Knit Your Own Cat", "Cats in Hats", and "Artful Ribbons".
Julie G. brought in a cute wooden Roman Nutcracker.
Leslie brought in her original Leather and Lace doll named Lacey Leathers. She had dyed the leather and the lace to match and had used aquarium tubing as part of the armature. (Well done, Leslie!)   She also showed us a book "Art of the Contemporary Doll"  by Sandra Korinchak.
Leslie's "Lacey Leathers"

Business Meeting
New things we discussed in our business meeting included adding pinterest links for our club members.  If you have a pinterest account, please let Andrea know and she will add it to our blog.
It was suggested at our next show and sale we have a fabric table for our club members to sell excess fabric they no longer need.
We discussed a doll artist to come later this year and Denise ( who was in contact during the meeting by text since she was unable to make it to the meeting) will contact the possibilities.
Sue has challenged us to finish a UFO by the March meeting.  Several members brought in their UFO's for the challenge and will bring them back in March.  Those who still want to participate can bring in their UFO's to the February meeting.
Mary will finish her troll doll she started from a Ute Vasina pattern.
Mary'e UFO troll

Leslie had several UFO's to finish including a Judi Ward pattern for a Cupie Doll, her wazinkies, Raggedy Angies and humpty dumptys.
Leslie's Cupie Doll
Leslie's Wazinkies
Leslie's Raggedy Angies and Humpty Dumptys

Ann C. wants to finish her Chun Woo started in a class she took with Leslie Molen.
Ann C.'s Chun Woo

Maggie brought in a blank doll body with interesting coloration she wants to finish. 

Maggie's blank body
   Andrea wants to finish her brother and sister leather and lace dolls.

Andrea's Leather and Lace Brother and Sister 

Erin brought one of  her Goddess dolls she started in a class with Barbara Schoenoff and wants to finish.
Erin's Goddess doll

Janet has the first head she started when she joined our club and wants to finish.
Janet's bodyless doll head

Julie G wants to finish her Lucinda on a trapeze from a pattern of Barbara Schoenoff.
Julie G.'s Lucinda

After sharing our UFO's, Andrea presented a demonstration of hemming techniques for sheer fabrics.  She taught us how to do a hand rolled hem and a shell stitched hem on silk.  Thanks Andrea!  These are techniques we can certainly use in costuming our dolls!  For those who could not attend check out her recent post on our blog.  She included some links that include videos of some of the techniques.
Andrea teaching hemming techniques

Next Meeting
Program by Julie G. It's going to be a show and tell/demo of an altered fabric technique.  She will provide a hand out for everyone. Attendees don't need to bring anything.
If you want to participate in the UFO challenge and haven't already brought your UFO, please bring it to the February meeting.
REMINDER:  Dues are due!  Please bring a check for $25 payable to Doll Creators to the February meeting or send a check to Jude if you have not already done so.
Upcoming Challenges
March 19, 2016 - UFO challenge
May 21, 2016 with River City Dollmakers joint meeting - Fantasy Face Pin Doll - Make a pin doll of face that tells a story
October 15, 2016 Indy Cloth Dollmakers Challenge -The Elements (for Judging)
November 19, 2016 Show and Sale People’s Choice selection of the Challenge Dolls
February Checklist
  • Nametag
  • Dues
  • UFO for challenge