Sunday, November 23, 2014

People's Choice Award, Fairy Habitat Challenge

We had a wonderful Show and Sale yesterday... our 12th Annual!  Thank you to everyone who attended, and to all 120 people who voted in our People's Choice Award.  Our challenge this year was officially called 'Fae Folk and their Habitat', to leave room for a variety of creatures.  As it turns out, all the challenge entries were fairies, with wings and all, so I'll just call these fairy habitats.

Here's a view of the display, with all of this year's challenge entries.

The winner of the People's Choice Award was La Belle Faerie Boutique, by Katie Jones.

Katie re-purposed a doll wardrobe and other furniture, and installed her original doll as the seamstress of this exclusive shoppe, filled with fancy accessories.  The doll is cloth, with a needle-sculpted face that has been gessoed and painted.

The second place in the People's Choice, and the winner of the judge's critique, is Leslie's doll, Scarlet.  Scarlet is dressed in hand-colored muslin leaves, and lives in a comfortable home under the shelter of a large broken garden urn.  Her house is complete with a bed, table and chairs, and a fireplace, and a walnut-shell wall to keep it cozy.

Next was Virginia's doll Frost Bite (is in love with Legolas).  Frost Bite (from a pattern by
Barbara Schoenoff) hangs out in a cozy tissue-mache pumpkin, lined with photos of her true love Legolas the Elf.  Her icicles and fairy lights add to the frosty ambience.

Andrea submitted Adelidae the moth-girl librarian, in her traveling bookmobile.  Andrea converted drawings and measurements of old gypsy wagons into a dollhouse-scale pattern made of fabric-covered plastic canvas, and designed a 4" fairy to live inside and lend books throughout Fairyland.

Maggie's entry is Fern, the Fairy Godmother of Pumpkin Seeds.  Her house is made of fabric and beads, and is - no surprise - filled with the wonderful stringy seeds you'd expect to find inside.  She is responsible for the abundance of pumpkin patches all over the world.

Julie W.'s doll is named Bonnie, and she is a baby flower fairy who lives in a flowerpot with her friend Roger the Friendly Frog.  Roger's eyes are beautiful vintage buttons, and there are living plants in the pot beside the doll.  Both patterns are by designer Arlene Cano.

Jude used an Allison Marano pattern to make Azura, and she has just flown in with a new delivery of books for her reading nook. The Hoffman Hut (from a McCall's pattern) is named for the beautiful Hoffman challenge fabrics it is created from, and inside is a snug but well-lit reading room.

The last entry is this year's challenge was also our judge's favorite of the bunch -- Midnight in the Garden by Julie G.  Both fairy and house are made from patterns by Julie McCullough, from batik fabrics and fancy yarns.

Congratulations to all our dollmakers who finished this year's challenge!

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