Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feb. 2012, part 1 - An original design and 4 beaded necklaces

This month's meeting was packed full of visual inspiration!  We had 18 people attending, including 2 new members and 2 first-time visitors.  We'll start show and tell with a set of brand-new original dolls.  This adorable design is a new creation from Leslie Wright.
Three of the 'Wazinkies' by Leslie Wright
Each doll has her own face and unique patterns, hand-drawn with gel pen and colored with pencils.
Back of a Wazinkie doll
Next Sandy showed us the little project she has been working on -- an outstanding collection of beaded necklaces.  Sandy is sending them all as a gift to her daughter, who is working overseas.

Purple and green beaded beads
You had to see them to believe them, but please click on the picture to see close-up just how many seed beads went into this awesome necklace!

Pink collar with green shell discs
This one is nicely musical when you run your fingers over the shells.
Wide band of grey and black stripes
All of the necklaces were very tactile, and we had a great time passing them around the table and trying them on.
Multi-color beaded fringe
This was probably our favorite one to wear.  The weight sat very comfortably on your collarbones, and the fringe was very soft and smooth.

Stay tuned for part two of the meeting...

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