Sunday, April 25, 2010

April 2010 Meeting

Our April meeting featured Marti from The Blooming Dragon, her studio/shop across the street from our library, showing us how to work with silver clay.  It turned out to be easier than many of us thought it would be, and we made some beautiful doll-sized buttons, pendants, and charms for our dolls. 

We also added a few charity dolls to our collection.
Lastly, we got to see a few finished show-and-tell items.  Julie G. brought in her Lottie doll from Gail Wilson's class...
and Katie brought in her Cyndi Mahlstadt doll from the recent MM&M workshop!  Katie also had her tasssel doll from the same weekend.

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Nita Butler said...

Thanks for doing thew blog Andrea! It is FANTASTIC!!!! Miss you and hope to see you in June!