Saturday, February 11, 2017

February 2017 Newsletter

February 2017 Newsletter

Upcoming Meetings

February 18 - Andrea - Needle sculpted hands
March 18- Prep Needle books for AFICC, Make Tiaras - Virginia
April 15 - Prep for AFICC Tiaras, Tarot Dolls Due
May 20 - Joint meeting with River City Group, Tarot Doll Challenge, Field Trip to Indiana State Museum
June 17 - Katie-Lingerie, Sue's UFO Challenge dolls due
July 15 -  Charity Doll Workshop, Swap meet
August 19 - Kathryn- Dorset button demo
September 16 - Andrea - History of lace
October 21 - 2017 Challenge Doll Judging
November 18 - Annual Show and Sale
December 16 - Annual Christmas Party

Member Birthdays
Doll making birthday wishes go out to Julie G. and Liz this month of February.

January Meeting Minutes
Members present for our January meeting were Sue, Jude, Ann C., Joan, Denise, Kathryn, Nita, Julie G., Ron, Andrea, Ann R., Katie, Julie W., Vicki, Virginia, Jennifer, Janet, and Leslie.

Show and Tell
Virginia finished her Funky Fish beaded soft sculpture, a design of Dot Lewallen.  Very impressive, Virginia!
Virginia's Funky Fish

Nita completed a very lovely UFO challenge doll from the pattern, Gather Ye Rosebuds, by Colleen Babcock.
Nita's Gather Ye Rosebuds

Kathryn brought in her original design "Tinman".
Kathryn's Tinman

Leslie brought in a doll she had made several years ago from a pattern by Carol Lee Creations.  She also shared some Tiny Town Dolls from the era of 1940-1950.
Leslie's Tiny Town Dolls
Leslie's Carol Lee Creation Doll

Janet showed us a finished bird from a pattern she is providing for our new Pattern Book that Sue is putting together.
Janet's Bird

Business Meeting
Our 15th Annual Doll Show and Sale on November 18, 2017 was discussed.  The hours will be changed to coincide with those of the other group that is having a sale in the building that day.  We may have to either change our current signs or make new ones to give the new hours.  We will again be donating to the preschool auction at the Irvington United Methodist Church.  If you would like to donate, it should be something affordable that perhaps a young child might like.

Leslie is working on who to have for our fall workshop.  The date will be set when it is decided who will be doing our workshop.  Most likely it will be July, August, or September.

Sue is working on getting our doll pattern book together. Janet, Kathryn and Nita are submitting new patterns.  Thank you ladies!!  Your contributions are much appreciated.  If you did not complete your pattern and just need a little more time, let Sue know.  These will be going to print shortly in order to have them available to sell at AFICC. 

Several of our members are attending a retreat at Threads of Time in Danville, IL in February.  Some of them will be creating "Fleur" in a workshop with Barbara Schoenoff.
Barbara's Fleur

Nita and Kathryn were unable to make the December meeting so they did  their Christmas exchange in January.  The Holidays just never end!

We voted for our 2017 Doll challenge.  The winner is a character from a nursery rhyme or picture book and is due October 21, 2017.  You will create a doll based on a character from a nursery rhyme or a picture book.  A picture from that rhyme or book must accompany the doll.  Also the name of the book with author and artist/illustrator need to be included.

Programs for 2017 were discussed.  These are posted at the beginning of the newsletter.

We will have a "Round Robin/Brown Bag Doll"  exchange this year.  If you would like to participate, you will submit a blank doll body you have made placed in a brown paper grocery sack or similar sack.  Also in the sack include a journal that you have started for your doll's journey. You will include photos to also document this amazing journey your doll will make.  Please leave the head unattached as it is easier for the person doing her face to not have it attached. Do not sculpt the face as that will be the step the next person will do.  We will have the first exchange at our February meeting.  If you cannot make it to the meeting, give it to another member who will be attending that day and they will exchange for you. At the following intervals the bags will be exchanged with another participating member and by the end you will get your completed doll back with stories of his or her adventures along the way.  You will not see your doll after the first exchange until the end of the exchanges.  The tentative exchanges are as follows:
  • February-naked body with head unattached and no sculpting
  • March-face with needle sculpting
  • April-hair
  • June-clothing
  • August-shoes
  • October-embellishment/accessories
We have done this exchange in the past and it has been a lot of fun.  You never know what you will end up with.  Your fellow dollmakers will add their own personal touches and you will be amazed!
In October you will get your doll back along with stories of his/her adventures along the way in the homes of you dollmaking friends.

Andrea has challenged members to having an article in Art Doll Quarterly published.  This is quite a challenge, but we have some very talented doll makers in our club.  What an honor it would be to have this happen.  Good luck to those who are up to the challenge!

Andrea asked us to explore places that we might display our dolls to promote our club.  Perhaps you know a store or business that would work with us.  It would be a great opportunity to share our passion with others!

For those interested, Niada will be in Nashville, TN August 28 to September 3. Go to the link for more information.

Next Meeting
Our next meeting is February 18, 2017.  Andrea will present a demo on needle sculpting hands.  If you would like to sew along with her, bring in a stuffed hand and basic needle sculpting supplies (i.e. needle, thread, scissors).  Reminder:  Pay your dues is you haven't already done so.  Bring your naked doll body and head for Brown Bag exchange.  Last chance to submit a pattern for the Zoo addition to our Pattern Book Expansion.

Upcoming Challenges and Events

April 20-23 - AFICC in Columbus, Ohio
May 20, 2017 - Tarot Challenge with River City
June 17 -  Sue's UFO Challenge
August 28-September 3 - NIADA Nashville, TN
October 21, 2017 Challenge Doll Judging
November 18, 2014 Show and Sale People's Choice selection of the Challenge Dolls

February Checklist

  • Nametag
  • Basic needle sculpting supplies (needle, thread, scissors) and stuffed hand if you want to sew along
  • Dues if you haven't already paid
  • Show and Tell
  • Brown Bag Exchange Doll

Saturday, January 14, 2017

January 2017 Newsletter

January 2017 Newsletter

Upcoming Meetings

January 21-Christmas Gift Exchange, Voting on challenge for 2017
February 18 - Andrea - Needle sculpted hands
March 18- Prep Needle books for AFICC
April 15 - Prep for AFICC Tiaras, Tarot Dolls Due
May 20 - Joint meeting with River City Group ? Field Trip to Indiana State Museum
June 17 - Katie-Lingerie?
July 15 - TBD
August 19 - Swap Meet?
September 16 - TBD
October 21 - 2017 Challenge Doll Judging
November 18 - Annual Show and Sale
December 16 - Annual Christmas Party
Please note:  This agenda is tentative and subject to change

Member Birthdays
Happy January Birthday wishes to Joan and Suzanne.  Hope you had a great day!

December Meeting Minutes
Weather conditions were not very good for our holiday December meeting.  Those who made it to the meeting were Jude, Sue, Virginia, Janet, Julie G., Ron, Ann C., Mary, Andrea, Julie W., Leslie and Jennifer.

Show and Tell
Janet showed us a knitted scarf and grab bag she had made.  Mary made her grandson a long stocking cap and crocheted a Darwin doll for him.  We only had two people finish UFO's this round.  Virginia completed Sarsaparilla and Mistletoe from Lucy Landry's Bridget pattern.

Virginia's Mistletoe
Virginia's Sarsaparilla

Sue also completed a doll from Lucy Landry's Bridget pattern but hadn't named her yet.

Sue's unnamed Bridget
(By the way, just for Virginia and Sue we are having a nametag shame challenge!)

There is a new store in Broadripple called "The Sewing Speakeasy" you might want to check out!

Old Business
We discussed the Show and Sale.  The location has worked very good for us and Maggie has arranged for us to use it again for 2017!  Thanks Maggie!  She had arranged for the janitors to bring the large tables from storage which was a great help!  Another group was having a craft sale downstairs.  Their sale hours differed a bit from ours and we are considering coordinating our hours with theirs to get the most foot traffic.  The Gathering of Artists who have been having a sale the same day as ours will not be having theirs next year.  However we understand the Irvington Historical Society  will be having something to take the place of it under a different name.

Officers were elected for 2017:
President - Andrea
Vice President - Leslie
Secretary - Julie W.
Treasurer - Jude
Publicity - Mary
Show and Sale Chairman - Maggie
Thank you to our outgoing officers Denise and Katie!

Sue is working on our pattern book.  If you are contributing a pattern, please have it print ready at our January meeting.  You can mail or email your pattern if you are unable to attend the meeting.  We would like also to have a completed doll to photograph and possibly take to AFICC  along with the books in April.

New Business
We discussed possible guest dollmakers for 2017.  Leslie is in charge of this.  She is looking for ideas of who members would like.

The 2017 challenge was not decided yet.  It has been narrowed down to the following:

Once Upon a Midnight Dreary
Cage/Santos Doll
Nursery Thyme/Picture Book
Dish it Out Food
Actor/Character in a Play

We will vote on this at the January meeting.  If you cannot attend, but would like to vote, please contact one of the officers.

AFICC is April 20-23, 2017.  We would like to have a display of our Tarot dolls that will be for the May challenge so please try to have them done in April.

After business was taken care of, it was time for food and fun!  We filled our bellies with some wonderful food of all kinds, then had our gift exchange.. Since the weather was not good for this meeting, we will continue the gift exchange at our January meeting.  So, if you did not attend in December, but want to participate, please bring your gift to the January meeting and exchange it with someone else who could not attend in December.  There were lots of fun gifts in the exchange including hand made gifts and doll making items.  Thanks to all who participated in December.

  After the gift exchange, Sue and Virginia entertained us with the TP Mummy game and a round of Unwrap the Plastic Wrap.  We were all winners!

Who's the Mummy???
Who's the Mummy???

Thanks to all our members for a wonderful 2016!

Next Meeting
Andrea has many things on the business agenda for January, so there is no official program.  We will do the rest of the Christmas Gift Exchange and vote on the challenge for 2017 among other things. Print ready patterns for our pattern book are due  Dues are due!  You may write a check to Doll Creators for $25 and give to Jude at the meeting or mail it to her.

Upcoming Challenges and Events

April 20-23 - AFICC in Columbus, Ohio
May 20, 2017 - Tarot Challenge with River City
October 21, 2017 Challenge Doll Judging
November 18, 2014 Show and Sale People's Choice selection of the Challenge Dolls

January Checklist
  • Nametag (***Virginia and Sue?????***)
  • Dues
  • Gift for Christmas Exchange if you didn't come in December (optional)

Friday, December 9, 2016

December 2016 Newsletter

December 2016 Newsletter

Upcoming Meetings
December 17 - Annual Christmas Party
January 21 2017 - TBD
February 18, 2017 - TBD

Member Birthdays

Happy Birthday to Sue, Leslie, Ann C., and Jude.  Have a wonderful upcoming doll making year!

November Meeting Minutes
There was no official meeting in November as we had our annual Show and Sale that day.  We thank the Irvington United Methodist Church for allowing us to use one of their rooms for our show.  It is such a nice place to show off our dolls and set up our sales tables.  Thank you everyone who helped make this happen!

We had seven entries in this years' Elements Challenge for judging and those plus three more for the People's Choice Award. In the judging Andrea's Quark was FIRST PLACE!  Not only that, she also won the Peoples' Choice Award!!!!  Congratulations, Andrea.  She is beautiful! 
Andrea's Quark

Congratulations also to our second place winner, Jude's Copper.
Jude's Copper

Third place congratulations go to our tie duo of Nita's Flame and Leslie's Ta-da.
Nita's Flame
Leslie's Ta-da
We also have a Judge's Choice award that goes to Sue's Lady Arsenic.
Sue's Lady Arsenic
Other entrants were Virginia's Fa Yuan Li, Julie W.'s Airyana, Kathryn's North Wind,  Julie G.'s Earth Wind and Fire, and Martha's thought provoking Oxi.
Virginia's Fa Yuan Li
Julie W.'s Airyana
Kathryn's North Wind
Julie G.'s Earth Wind and Fire
Martha's Oxi
Great work everyone. This was a fun challenge and so interesting to see every one's interpretation of an element!  We are so fortunate to have so many talented doll makers in our club!

Jelly Roll Challenge Dolls
Members' tables
Next Meeting

December 17 is our annual Christmas Party!  It will be a pitch in brunch and (optional) gift exchange.  We will be choosing a 2017 challenge, voting on officers and revealing Sue's UFO challenges for December, We don't have a list of those who were going to do Sue's UFO challenge so all new show & tell dolls (must be a doll) will get a prize! 
If you would like to participate in the gift exchange, bring a doll related gift (limit of $25).  This could be something from your stash, something purchased, or something made by you.  Our exchange is optional, don't feel obligated!
Most of our officers are willing to serve again next year,  However, if you would like to serve, the positions of vice president and publicity chairman are up for grabs!
Bring your ideas for our 2017 challenge.  There were many good ones last year. Let's see what we can come up with for next year.
Think about your favorite doll makers and let us know who you might like to have as a guest teacher for next year.  This is a busy time of year for us all and there will be several of our members with other commitments on the day of our meeting.  If you cannot attend, but have suggestions for our challenge or guest teacher, please email one of the officers.

Upcoming Challenges
May 20, 2017 - Tarot Doll Challenge with River City Dollmakers

December Checklist
  • Nametag
  • Covered brunch dish
  • Ideas for 2017 Challenge
  • Ideas for teacher
  • Completed UFO for Sue's Challenge
  • Nominees for officers
  • Gift (Optional)

Friday, November 11, 2016

November 2016 Newsletter

November 2016 Newsletter

Upcoming Meetings
November 19 - Annual Show and Sale
December 17 - Annual Christmas Party

Member Birthdays
Happy Belated Birthday to Maggie!  Hope it was a great one!

October Meeting Minutes
Members present for the October meeting were Janet, Virginia, Sue, Martha, Katie, Maggie, Julie G., Ron, Ann C., Anita, Ann R., Erin, Julie W., Andrea and Jude.  Also present was Maggie's guest and friend Terry.  Hope you had a good time at our meeting, Terry!

Show and Tell
Sue and Virginia told about their trip to Chelsea, MI to the Ghoultide Gathering.  Sue found a fantastic witch she couldn't,t resist buying and brought in in for us to see.

Julie W. brought in "Jilly" that she made for the Jelly Roll Challenge at Threads of Time. "Jilly" was adapted from a pattern in Patti Culea's book "Creative Cloth Doll Making".
Cyndy Sieving came from Columbus, Ohio to judge our Elements Challenge Dolls.  There are seven entrants that Cyndy judged and she admitted it was quite a difficult task.  The winners of the judging will be announced at the November Show and Sale. 

At the November Show and Sale there will be a table with these entrants and possibly a few more.  If you have completed an Elements challenge doll that you would like to enter for the People's Choice Award please bring it or send it with some one who is coming to set up for the show. If you have an entry for the People's Choice Award that is not pictured above, please email Andrea at least 3 days before the show.  She needs your name and the doll's name.  There will also be a table for our workshop dolls Patience and Grace, Jelly Roll Challenge dolls, and any new dolls you have completed this year.

Cyndy  brought her sample dolls for the 2017 AFICC that will be April 20-23, 2017.  Be sure and visit her web site,, for more information about classes and instructors.  These instructors are extremely talented and have a variety of techniques to be learned.

Business Meeting
Details of the November Show and Sale were discussed.  If you have a table to set up or dolls to display at the Show and Sale, please come to the church on Friday between 3-5, or Saturday at 9am. Maggie is arranging to have all the tables we need for you.  Katie had emailed us the flier we can print out to distribute and brought in the postcards for us to mail to family and friends with last year's three winners.  Thanks Katie!  The flier and postcards look great!

Irvington United Methodist Church
30 N. Audubon Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46219

Julie G.  will be taking our contributions for the silent auction for the pre-school at the Irvington United Methodist Church where we are having our show and sale.
Erin will be taking our charity dolls to the Children's Bureau nearer Christmas time. 
At our December meeting we will be voting for officers for the coming year 2017.  Nominees for 2017 are:
President: Andrea
Vice President - ?
Secretary - Julie W
Treasurer - Jude
Publicity - ?
Show and Sale Committee
One of the duties of the Vice President is to help organize workshops for the year.  Our publicity chairman promotes the club by advertising our events and the Show and Sale committee takes  care of the details for our November Show and Sale.  If you are interested in these offices let Andrea know.  Katie will offer guidance as much as she can for publicity.

While the judging was being done on the challenge dolls, Virginia tied us up with fingerweaving.  This could become addictive!  Thanks, Virginia for teaching us this technique.  It has many possibilities for embellishing our dolls!

Next Meeting
There will not be a formal meeting on November 19.  Come join us at the Show and Sale and see all the fabulous dolls our members have created.  You can shop and don't forget to vote for the People's Choice.  You will also get to see who the Challenge winners are!

Upcoming Challenges
May 20, 2017 - Tarot Doll Challenge with River City Dollmakers

November Checklist

  • Nametag
  • Challenge Doll and Display Dolls with nametags
  • Items for Sale
  • Money for making change