Sunday, January 10, 2021

January 2021 Newsletter

January 2021 Newsletter

Upcoming Meetings
January 16, 2021 - virtual
February 20, 2021- virtual
March 20, 2021- virtual
April 17, 2021- virtual
May 15, 2021- virtual
June 19, 2021- virtual
July 17, 2021- virtual?
August 21, 2021- virtual?
September 18, 2021- virtual?
October 16, 2021- virtual?
November 20, 2021- virtual?
December 18, 2021- virtual?
All meetings for now are virtual until we are allowed to meet again in the library so this agenda is subject to change.

Meeting Minutes
Our meeting in December was the largest attended virtual meeting so far.  There were 14 members appearing:  Andrea, Ann C., Julie W., Maggie, Cindy, Katie, Martha, Sue, Jude, Barbara, Liz, Joan, Leslie, and Mary.  And three states represented!:  Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois.  So nice we can see each other and not have to travel so far!  
For show and tell we shared our gift exchanges the pictures of which are in the previous blog post.  Leslie told us about the "Susie Snowflake" doll she made for Liz.  It was based on a song with the same name which Leslie remembered from when she was in second grade.  Liz asked Alexis to play the song for us, which she promptly did!  The wonders of modern technology!  We found out that Barbara talks to her Christmas tree.  (Wonder what she says???)  It was fun being able to chit chat with each other and catch up on what was going on in our members lives.

Not much business covered this meeting as it was our annual Christmas Party.  Somehow we started talking about buttons and ended up thinking we might do a button doll as our June challenge and the Edgar Allen Poe doll as the November challenge.  We will work on details at our next meeting.
Remember there are no dues until we begin meeting in person again.

Upcoming Challenges and Events
June Challenge Doll
November Challenge Doll

Next Meeting
Our next virtual meeting on Zoom will be Saturday, January 16 at 10:00 a.m.  Invitations will be sent out in advance to members.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

December 2020 Christmas Gift Exchange 

Since we were not able to have an in person Christmas party this year we decided to do a mail gift exchange.  Participants were given the name of another participant and came up with something in their stash to give or make them.  The postal service came through for us and everyone got their gift in time for our virtual meeting on December 19.  Here are pictures of what was received.

Handmade doll and bracelet from Sue to Jude

Handmade doll from Kathryn to Leslie

Handmade doll from Virginia to Julie W.

Handmade bag from Maggie to Andrea

Handmade doll from Leslie to Liz

Handmade owl from Katie to Maggie

Handmade doll from Julie W. to Martha

Handmade gnome from Jude to Denise

Machine embroidered mug rugs from Joan to Kathryn

Assortment from Denise to Cindy (handmade snowman pincushion)

Lantern and votive candle from Cindy to Julie G.

Handmade doll from Barbara to Virginia

Handmade crystal necklace from Ann C. to Joan 

Handmade tatted snowflake from Andrea to Katie

Handmade owls from Liz to Sue

Thanks to all who participated. You have made everyone's holiday a little bit brighter!  Thank you Virginia and Sue for coordinating the exchange!
Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 12, 2020

December 2020 Newsletter

December 2020 Newsletter 

Upcoming Meetings
December 19 -Virtual meeting due to Covid
Please note:  This agenda is tentative and subject to change

Meeting Minutes
Six members met via zoom in November:  Jude, Katie, Martha, Maggie, Joan, and Julie W.

Members discussed this year's officer election.  Since not enough people are attending the zoom meetings we would not be able to vote as normal.  All the current officers had agreed to continue their positions for the time being.  Dues for the coming year were discussed.  Since we are not able to meet in person and have minimal expenses it was suggested we suspend dues until in person meetings resume.  We have always made a charitable donation each year with money coming from a charity table at our annual show and sale or donations of soft sculpture dolls.  Since we were unable to do that this year, it was suggested we make a monetary donation with money from our treasury to the same charity as last year, Hope Center Indy.  (Julie W. contacted all the board members after the meeting who were in agreement to dispense with voting for officers for 2021 and allow the current officers to continue until the situation gets more back to normal.  Board members also agreed to suspend dues until in person meetings resume at which time dues could be prorated.  It was also agreed to make a monetary donation to Hope Center Indy.)

Upcoming Challenges and Events
Edgar Allen Poe Challenge Doll-postponed for now
December -  Christmas mail gift exchange.

Next Meeting
Next meeting is Saturday, December 19 by Zoom at 10:00 a.m,  Invitations will be emailed prior to the meeting.  We will have show and tell which will include gifts members received who participated in the Christmas mail gift exchange.  Here's a sneak peek:



Saturday, November 14, 2020

Woman in History Doll Challenge

 Results are in for the 2020 Woman in History Doll Challenge!

This year's winner of the People's Choice Award is Sacagawea!  


Sacagawea  and her baby were created by Katie Jones.  Katie did an amazing job developing her own pattern.   Sacagawea has a cloth body and polymer clay head and hands.  The baby is all polymer clay.  Her lamb suede garments, moccasins and cradle board are hand sewn.  Her dress is in the style of the early 1800's Plains Indians.  The yoke is accented with  beads and a small tuft of fur.  The fringe was wetted and twisted to give it a graceful look.  Her belt and cradle board is hand beaded by the artist.  Her braided hair is Merino wool.  She is about 12 inches tall and stands on a flat rock.  Katie's attention to detail is top notch and shows in this excellent work of art.  Congratulations on being this year's winner of the People's Choice Award, Katie!

Second and third place winners were separated by only two votes!  Marie Curie was second by this slight margin. 

Marie Curie

Marie Curie was created by Virginia Odell. She chose Arley Berryhill's "Penny Dreadful" pattern.  Marie's gown is green to symbolize the radiation field she is famous for.  She is holding a piece of uranium (faux of course!).  Virginia did a great job from top to bottom including the beautiful costuming and of course the uranium!  Congratulations, Virginia!

Third place by this slight margin was Juliette Gordon Low.

Juliette Gordon Low

Juliette Gordon Low, the founder and first leader of the Girl Scouts, was created by Ann Chulk.  She adapted the pattern "January Girl" by Barbara Schoenoff and used the head pattern from the Triplet pattern by Kathryn Walmsley.  The doll's hair is made of strips of fabric and all visible portions of the doll are gessoed and painted with acrylic paints.  Ann is very creative and did an excellent job making the clothing and hat that look so much like pictures we see of  Juliette Gordon Low.  Congratulations, Ann!

We thank our participants in this year's challenge.  Not only are the dolls a challenge but the year itself has been too.  It has been hard for many of us to get motivated to be creative and do the things we would normally do.  These ladies have shared their creativity with all of us who read the blog and our Facebook page.  They are an inspiration to us all and we thank you for that!