Sunday, May 23, 2010

Joint Luncheon at Stream Cliff Herb Farm

For our May meeting we had our annual luncheon with the Cincinnati doll group, the recently renamed RiverCity Figurative Artists' Guild.  We met at the historic Stream Cliff Herb Farm again this year, and had the most beautiful weather for our day out.  Do to a mental 'flake' on behalf of the blogger, we don't have pictures of the grounds, including the beautiful roses blooming everywhere.  But we had a very nice meeting, with lunch and comraderie in the large cabin/classroom:

Our challenge dolls this year are all Herb Dolls, in honor of our location -- they are visible on the table to the left in the photo above.  We also, of course, had presents!  Pin dolls to exchange and beautiful gifts of fabric and beads and books!
P.S.  To the visitor who drove from Bloomington to Indianapolis hoping to attend our meeting -- we are SO sorry we missed you!  If it makes you feel better, Andrea's first attempt at attending a meeting happened exactly the same way in May of 2001, but she came back and has been a member ever since.

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