Sunday, April 11, 2010

More dolls in progress

Here are a few more of the dolls in progress from Adele's workshop -- with 15 dollmakers attending, we had a wonderful turnout.

Bonnie may have come closest to finishing her entire costume -- complete with an ostrich feather and veil in the very fancy hat!  Some of the fabrics she used started life as Halloween costumes and curtains.

Lynn is not a club member (yet?) but joined us to make her very first cloth doll ever.  She worked out her theme of Central Asian folk costume beautifully.  The jacket fabric was supposed to be for her, but she's sharing it with her doll.
Next we have another guest, Julie from Illinois, and another new dollmaker, Pam.  Pam's costume is 'in the planning stage' in this photo, but Julie's loose flowing dress is already augmented with ribbon and trim.
Last for this post is Liz's doll, in muted colors but very rich textures.   The plan is to add some of Adele's small ribbon flowers to the lapel next.

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