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November Newsletter

Upcoming Meetings

November 15- Challenge Doll Revealed
November 22- Annual Show and Sale
December 20- Annual Christmas Party

The 2015 AFICC classes.

Member Birthdays

Happy Birthday Maggie and Edie, we are so thankful for your friendship!

Nita's Bridget from the Lucy Landry class

September Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Virginian, Sue, Katie, Martha, Vicki, Andrea, Julie W, Erin, Janet, Leslie, Mary, Maggie, Ann C, Jude, Nita, Julie G, Ron, Ann R., Dot, Cyndy, and Mary Jane.

Business Meeting

We had two special guests this month, Cyndy from Cyndy's Dolls and Dot from Speadie Beadie.  They were in town to show us some of the dolls being taught at the 2015 Artistic Figures in Cloth and Clay convention. We are all very excited about the offerings, as we always are! Visit Cyndy's page to sign up for AFICC. We will have at least a few members attend, and will be teaching Artist Trading Cards at one of the get-togethers that weekend.

Nita's Lizzie lady

The One Stop Shop Hop was great, and was a great opportunity to display our work. Jude gave me some wonderful pictures of the event, and I will give those their own post.  We will also display more dolls at the Irvington Library to promote the Show and Sale. 

Janet's first doll- great job!

Show and Sale- It's time to start preparing for the Show and Sale on November 22.  You may set up your booth or bring dolls for the large group display on Friday November 21 between 3 pm and 5pm.  The library will also be available to us at 9 am on Saturday November 22, then the doors will open up at 10 am.  

Ann C's finished January Girl

This year it will cost $10 to have a full or half table in the Show.  Maggie had a the great idea to use yellow tags for dolls for sale that will be in the group display. If you have a doll you'd like to sell use a yellow name tag to indicate it's name and your name, and the pattern designer (if any). We'll include the doll in the large group display.  

Vicki's ornaments

Julie and Andrea will be working on inviting the guest artist for 2015, so we need to decide who we'd like to learn from. I know, it's hard to choose! Ute Vasina and Lillian Alberti have both expressed interest in coming to Indy, and Angela Jarecki also has some amazing doll we'd like to make.  Anyone who has more ideas, contact Andrea soon.

Janet's bird

Our 2015 slate of officers is set, with Julie G. being promoted to President, Andrea becoming V.P., and Maggie taking over Publicity. We will approve the slate of officers at the December meeting.

Maggie's "Ruthie" won a blue ribbon!

The monthly programs for 2015 need to be set soon. We have some ideas, and need more!  So far the list includes beading, tiny fingers, book making, painting with paint medium on fabric, and tips on steampunk accessories. Email Julie G. with more ideas!

Katie bought great fabric at the One Stop Shop Hop

Katie's meta fabric

The challenge dolls are finally due at the November meeting.  If you are participating in the challenge, bring your doll and house and a tag with the following information:
the doll's name
pattern designer/ original design
materials used (i.e. fabric, paint, yarn, wood, found objects)
a short story that tells the judge anything you'd like her to know about your projects, such as back story or a technique you'd like to highlight.

Do NOT include your own name.

Virginia's January Girl

Show and Tell

I'm going to blow through this ladies and gent.  Not because I don't love your show and tell, but because I need to get back to my fairy!

Julie G's charity dolls

Nita brought two wonderful dolls; her finished Bridget and a sassy doll from a Jill Maas Slightly Weathered Ladies pattern.
Janet finished her first human doll, from the Jan Jorrox books, and brought a little bird with a polymer clay beak.
Maggie brought Ruthie who won a blue ribbon at the State Fair! 
Andrea brought her felted puppet Brody and wants us to know that the Indy/ Marion County Library has craft magazine subscriptions available on Zinio.  
Ann C. finished her January girl and she is lovely!

Dot's Koggies

Vicki made beautiful Christmas ornaments with fabric and fusible fleece.
Martha helped her husband make a new zeppelin reproduction.
Katie found some cute fabric with fashion and doll illustrations.
Sue has a doll in the Cincinnati fiber art group show.
Virgina made a January girl for a friend who doesn't like the painted look, so she drew the face on the fabric without gesso and paint.
Dot brought some Koggies- not cats and not dogs- a pattern she has available, some beaded rabbits as well as the beaded fish she will be teaching at AFICC.
Julie G. brought some charity dolls that she made from one of Cyndy's patterns from Soft Dolls and animals.

Dot's fish and rabbits

Finally, Vicki won the name tag drawing and Erin gave a presentation about making hand puppets.  If you are interested in making a foam hand puppet, visit Project Puppet for some great patterns.

Erin, Tucker, Brody, and Andrea

Upcoming Challenges

Fae Folk and Habitat Challenge- Our yearly challenge will be a fairy house and a cloth fairy to live inside. The doll and habitat will be due on November 15, 2014.

2015 AFICC Club display - A Bar Scene- Create a character (around 14-16" tall) that you might meet in a bar or nightclub. You may create just the doll, or you may add a setting of your own, like a corner booth or bit of dance floor. We'll display them together at AFICC in Columbus, Ohio, in April of 2015.

2015 Paint Chip Challenge- Choose a paint chip with coordinating colors and make a doll that includes those colors. This will be due at our next joint meeting with River City in May of 2015. If you haven’t received a chip, you can get one from Andrea or find one you like at your hardware store.

2015 Australian Fabric Challenge- Choose a fabric from Threads of
Time’s Australian collection to use in a doll. Doll is due in Danville, IL in June of 2015. There will be a People’s Choice award.

November Meeting Checklist

  • Nametag
  • Challenge Doll
  • Write-up for the Challenge Doll- doll name, pattern designer's name, materials used and a short description of the doll or techniques used

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