Friday, November 28, 2014

Everything Else at our Doll Show

Here's a proper close-up of some of the fabulous dolls on display at our 2014 Show and Sale.
The Snowflake Maker by Sue (with snowflakes by Virginia)
An early Jan Horrox doll by Shelby, and Secret Keepers by Sue and Virginia

Shelby's accordian book doll, and Sue's lovely 'ugly fabric' doll
Dolls by Shelby, Nita, Martha, and Mary
A whole bunch of dolls by Sue, Virginia, Shelby, Nita, and Leslie
A Jill Maas design by Nita, and Shelby's three sisters - Mildred, Alma, and Astrid in paperclay
One of Nita's cute raggedies in vintage lace

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