Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's almost Show Time!

Just a reminder to everybody that our 10th Annual Art Doll Show and Sale is this Saturday, November 17th from 10-5!
Come see us at the library branch in the beautiful neighborhood of Irvington.  The construction is finished, and the streetscape is lovely and easy to drive through now.  Don't miss The Gathering of Artists art fair nearby, too.  With all the great little shops and good food, it's a fabulous way to spend a Saturday and do lots of Christmas shopping. 

Also, check out our new blog banner up top!  I had always planned the original one as 'just a place-holder'; now only a few short years later, I have replaced it with a collage of many doll faces made by different members of the club.
We hope to see you Saturday.  Let us talk your ear off about how much fun it is (and how challenging it can be) to make cloth dolls.

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