Sunday, November 18, 2012

Challenge Winners and the 1st half of the doll show

Here are the first pictures from our 10th Doll Show :-)  This was the view as you entered the room.  Our Leslie Molen class dolls served as a friendly welcoming committee.

And above them was a varied and interesting cast of characters, including last year's Judge's Choice Winner, a furry monster, a Greek myth, and a literary villain. There's also an extra-small doll in the lower left corner.
Counter-clockwise from the bottom:
Poppie by Martha J., Tucker Beano by Erin F.,
Aquarius the Water-Bearer by Katie J., and Lucius Malfoy by Mary M.
If you turned left, you found our Gift Giver Challenge table.  We collected a total of 116 votes for the People's Choice Award, which definitely set a new record for us.  Here's the table during the show, with the ballots being collected, and story signs posted for each of the dolls.

Here's a tidied-up version, after the winners were announced.
People' Choice Award Winner: The Princess and the Frog by Katie Jones.
Second Place went to The BFG by Erin, and
Third Place in the popular vote went to Fine Lady Elinore by Shelby.
Before the show we also had our dolls judged by a fiber artist, and we gave awards for those results, too.
First Place and Judge's Choice went to The Princess by Katie Jones.
Second Place went to La Befana by Mary McNeely.
Third Place went to Mother Nature by Jude.
Congratulations to everyone who finished this year's Challenge!  And special kudos to Katie, who swept the awards with her excellent workmanship.

Let's go back to the display, and see what else was on the table.  This is the view from the east side of the room. 




More soon...

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A Magical Whimsy said...

Wow! What a glorious doll show! So many fabulously created dolls.
Teresa in California