Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ordinary September show and tell

The show and tell at our September club meeting was awesome, as it always is.  Our members have been keeping very busy, making wonderful things. 

However, since the highlight of our meeting was the unveiling of our Round Robin dolls, and this post doesn't have those pictures yet, we'll just have to see the 'usual', ordinarily fabulous show and tell.  Stay tuned for the reveal soon, though.

To start us off with a bang, Erin brought in a complete and most fabulous puppet, made from the 'Mostro' pattern from Project Puppet.  All of his pictures are action shots, since nobody wanted to put him down!  He is a classic Muppet-style critter (temporarily named Beano) complete with furry feet and a well-made working mouth.  His foam rubber construction and soft blue fur made him very huggable.

Next up: our prolific newcomer Shelby, with her 4th finished doll.  It is a Jan Horrox design, but Shelby has added lots of her own touches to this one.  Her hair is elaborate, with twists and a beaded headdress.  Shelby added costume texture by cutting out tiny leaf elements printed on the body fabric and stiffening them with Fray-Check, then sewing them to the body with beads.
Kyra of Avalon, from a Jan Horrox pattern
Our other show and tell items were not dolls, although much of the hand-dyed silk from our workshop last month will end up in a doll someday.  Mary's salt crystal piece was stunning.  The trick to getting a strong pattern was to use lots of dye (actually, Jacquard's Dye-na-flow paint) so that the fabric was really wet, and then using a lot of large-grained salt and leaving it to dry on the fabric.

Last one: Martha has fallen for English paper piecing and as always, cannot make just one of anything.  These are only two of at least a dozen pieced stars, waiting to be appliqued onto pillow tops.

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